By – Mourya Koundinya

As we all are aware, the world is fighting a pandemic which is a virus named under Coronavirus or SARS COVID-19, which started in Wuhan, China in November 2019. The current cases in the world (as of the date of this article), stands at 11.3 million. In which 6.11 million have recovered, and 5.32 lakh have lost their lives battling the virus. It is the news we see daily in our news channels, papers, social media so on and so forth. But this pandemic had created significant havoc. It had led to the lockdown of almost 4 Billion Individuals around the world has failed to beat stupidity. Forget defeat; it didn’t even come close to give good competition.

The world is battling a pandemic to save it for us and our future generations. WHO (World Health Organization) is giving guidelines on how to avoid getting in contact with the virus. You would think people would follow it so that they can save themselves and their family don’t you? In U.S.A ( Considered as the superpower of the world), people protested against the front line workers and even attacked them. It gets worse; some people coughed and sneezed on Immunosuppressed patients ( like cancer, etc.), health staff, cops etc. People in India abused medical staff by Spitting on them, beating them, pelting stones at them, Roaming naked in hospitals, abusing nurses, made hospital staff vacate the homes and more deeds. These incidents make me wonder; I’m I living in the same land where these kind of people are living? 

As there is a lockdown going on, We expect people to be at home spend time with their families, share moments and be at a happy environment. This conclusion is what you are thinking, right? You forgot we have Stupids and perverts. There is a massive rise in Domestic violence cases in the World 63% to be accurate during the lockdown period. Even worst, there was a considerable spike recorded in child abuse cases! 54% to be authentic. In what world is this good?  

Police are considered as protectors of citizens. They help you when your rights are being taken away from you and help you get justice. So you might think they will save us by working hard during the lockdown, don’t you? There is a rapid increase in police brutality cases all over the world, especially in India. The recent incident of Tamilnadu ( A state of South India), where a father and son were arrested and killed by the police brutality, shook the country to the core. Their crime was they had their shop open for a few minutes post permitted time. If police are the ones killing the harmony, whom do we reach to get the balance restored in the society?

At last, what I want to conclude is the pandemic shall pass in coming days ( sooner or later) with a drug or a vaccine possible. Once the world opens up, people will start fighting over Nationality, religion, race, caste, creed what not everything. 

Like the great Einstein said, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former”. 

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Writing is not a skill acquired through practice. Not for us, at least. Writing is a phenomenon that occurred to us when we wanted to shout our thoughts out. It happened when our brains formed a labyrinth of thoughts with no way out. The only way was to break the walls, the walls we constructed in our minds—the walls which stopped us from letting ourselves out. We broke the barriers using the mightiest weapon, the pen. Writing was our way out of that maze. Words and sentences flowed like a stream of some river, which consisted of A2Z instead of H2O. Soon the river filled the brain and the labyrinth was not visible anymore.

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