woman holding white and pink roses bouquet


Walking down the aisle,

Daddy held me my hand tight;

He asked, “Are you sure of this man?”

“At this time, to ask this, is it right?”

You are my love, my little princess,

I have endlessly pampered you all life;

But you are giving me away,

What is the use of my thrive?

That is what we decide to do,

After you reach a certain age,

What is the number of certain,

For what do you decide for marriage?

That is not my decision to take,

The idiotic scholars sit on our heads;

Wow, how excellent that idea is,

Like our lives are decided by dickheads;

Hahahaha, my dear beautiful girl!

You are humorous and strong-headed,

See you broke all those shitty rules,

Blood might be found blue if your brain shredded;

Enough of the fun at the aisle,

Let’s not make the man wait more;

If we don’t go and to him right now,

He shall sleep in the hall and snore;

Such a sweet man you got for me,

I would love to have him right away;

Never have I seen a daughter like you,

How happy I am! How can I even say?

Love is like a box of different chocolates,

It’s a surprise until you open it;

But one must be lucky to receive it,

You have such wonderful fate;

Mommy is surely watching us from the sky,

She would be wishing you luck for eternity;

She would have given you the best couple advice,

That one of the important parts of life is sanity;

If for you she would be telling, my dear CEO daughter,

One of the important leadership principles is frugality;

Yes, my dear Papa, let’s end with this fun,

Let’s give away each other to our lives;

I am dying to see you exchange the rings,

Be the best of whoever to each other, husbands or wives.

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