We all have been there

This article is all about the weirdest situations that every person might have experienced with there partners in relationship.

  • Long-distance relationship is too hard.

When we deeply love someone and due to circumstances we need to stay away from them for certain period of time due to career and various other reasons. No matter how much technology is supporting for communication but we miss the real feel. But sometimes we need to sacrifice.

  • Accepting the changes

Love might have happened without any reasons sometimes but once it happens we face difficulties in adapting the changes comes through it. Being in love with them and Living with them are two different aspects. All we need to have to do is accept that change.

  • North pole – South Pole

In love marriage its different because you might have known the person. But in arranged marriages, we don’t get that opportunity to know them. You might like AR Rahaman others might like Ilayaraja. You like to watch Action movies and they might be interested in Horror movies. This difference is sometimes very good because you will know other tastes.Don’t be opinionist just understand there are different people with different taste and this difference is the beauty of your relation

  • Sharing our fears and limitations.

This is where men need to work. People go through beyond there limitations in impressing a girl. But once you set a bar such high it will be difficult to touch that daily. You need to make them understand your nature . If possible try to change accordingly if not be very clear about your limitations. Just tell them what are your priorities in life.

share your insecurites and fears with your partner. Tell them you are not okay with it. There is no rule that you need to force something in you when you cant.

Dear readers, i might be sounding as if i mastered my relationship so well. Infact i have been going thorugh the same situations. When i asked many of my friends they too convey me same problems.      We all have been there. Friction we go through in relation is the beauty of the relation if not there wont be any thrill in it.


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