I Used To Like Me Because I Loved You!

It is the first day of my office,
I’m feeling nervous and anxious.
I got in a car and started thinking.
The thoughts are interlinking.

I reached the office, and I’m excited,
As I go in and enter a room, I’m thrilled.
There is an orientation program to attend,
Suddenly my day is very brightened.

That scene reminded me of my college days,
The first day of college it was all a smiley face.
I had to attend an orientation on my first day,
Saw her for the first time, and awe stuck straightaway.

I never believed in angels until I saw her,
She has the charm of all the angels put together.
There may angels, fairies and their kingdoms somewhere,
But the princess of all the kingdoms is sitting right here.

I wanted to talk to her but had no words,
There is music in my heart instead of beats.
I decided to go to her and have a talk,
But with fear, I had no dare to walk.

Everything about her was perfect and beautiful,
Every slightest moment of her was blissful.
The way she flips her hair and the way she smiles,
Anything about her makes my heart go a million miles.

I prayed to all the possible gods for her to be in my class,
When I found her in my class, my happiness has no limits.
The day you missed college my smile would be empty,
The next day when I see you again, my joy would be plenty.

I always imagined both of us going to fairyland,
I would see you in the eyes and ask never to leave my hand.
All the fairies would sing songs and dance around us,
And I would see your smile and the sight would be auspicious.

I may have never expressed my feelings for her,
But every moment I wanted us to be together.
At the farewell, the other might miss college,
For me, to live without seeing you is out of my knowledge.

“I used to like me because I loved you, and will continue to love you till I get to like me.”

Published by

Mourya Koundinya

Writer by choice and a technical associate by life. Very passionate for story telling. Re inventing myself as a writer to try new things. A line that keeps me running every day is "Failing doesn't give you a reason to give up as long as you believe." from Naruto.

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