lost privacy

Privacy, that I have none

Instead of sleeping for some human hours,
I woke up to a phone call, invading my privacy.
Because this person wanted to push away the burdens,
The burdens that he is carrying on his head.

I was readily available and accessible,
An I have a problem saying no.
Because of this problem I have,
I have to sacrifice the highest of all virtues; privacy!

Privacy that I have none,
Available, that I’m to almost everybody.
I wake up to whinging of people’s problems,
I sleep after exhausting on them.

Finally, when I’m free to care my own,
My door gets knocked by a bunch of someone else’s.
Not a believer, but is this karma?
This invasion is what I have brought upon myself.

Thinking of finding a cure,
I began to say “No, leave me be.”
But here I go after an hour of deluding privacy,
The intrusion has found a new disguise to get my attention.

Being a victim myself,
I consciously don’t invade anyone else’s.
But is it not the duty of a man,
To make sure they don’t invade mine; the privacy.

The goal of technological advances,
Was to make us more communicable.
But is this communication making any progress?
Or is it just forcing us into diversions?

What this communication is,
Nothing but utterances and blabber.
Diving in the sea of whinging and cryings,
I forgot to care for the one I love most; myself.

Man yelling after intrusion of privacy on call
Photo by Moose Photos on Pexels.com

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A filmmaker who's also a philosopher and I have always been a writer. My urge to tell stories have provoked and boosted me to write my thoughts out as words, sentences and essays! I treat storytelling objectively and would always try new things to tell any story in a different way. Big fan of the Avant-garde!

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