Law or flaw?
Judiciary or is some kind of a mockery?
To the brother who’s serving a life sentence;
for the crime he did not do;
That night will forever be of repentance.

The mother who taught him how to walk;
Has got such a shock;
Half of her body is permanently into shock

The father who gifted him his first car;
Is too old & poor to fight
& had to sell the roof which protected them;
From the bright sunlight.

The sister who’s an aspiring lawyer;
Has lost all hopes on the system;
For here innocents are the victims.

And the innocent who is spending his days;
In a 6*6 feet black hole
Is losing the power over his soul;
And for what?
For the doubts in the caste and religion.

So my dear friends,
What and for whom is the evidence?
To be fabricated? To be planted by the money & power holders?
Or for the law to behold the truth?

This poem is a tribute to Mohammad Nisarudin and many more innocents who spend their lives in the jails being the prisoners of the system.

Who was Mohammad Nisarudin and story of few others……

On January 15, 1994, Mohammad Nisarudin was at home in Gulbarga, Karnataka, preparing for his Diploma in Pharmacy final exams, 15 days away. After he qualified, the 19-year-old planned to get a job in one of the Gulf countries, a dream he and his best friend Sajid (name changed) had talked about since they were seven. But that day, the police knocked at the door of his parents’ home and took him away in handcuffs. Initially, the police booked him for a bomb blast that had taken place in October 1993 in a Muslim educational institute in Hyderabad, then he was booked in a few unsolved bomb blasts that had taken place in August and September in 1993, then he was booked under the anti-terror law Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA) — which was repealed two years later, in 1996 — for planting the bombs that took two lives and injured 22 in five trains on December 5 and 6 1993 in Mumbai, and after a ‘confession,’ put into Ajmer Central Jail. On February 28, 2005, a TADA court at Ajmer convicted him and gave him a life sentence.
On May 11 2016, the Supreme Court ruled that his confession, which was taken in police custody, was totally inadmissible, acquitted him of all charges and set aside his life sentence.
While the length of Mr Nisarudin’s incarceration is extreme, his isn’t an isolated case.

Take Abdul Wahid Din Mohammad Shaikh, 39 now. He was charged of complicity in the Mumbai train blasts of November 7, 2006 and spent nine years in Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai before being acquitted of all charges — the only one of those accused to be acquitted — and released. Mr. Shaikh told The Hindu that all the accused were made to sign many documents, some of which were blank. “Had I known the consequences I would have never done so.” While in jail, he enrolled in a law course, and finished a course in journalism. If he knew something of the law at the time he was arrested, he said, “I would have known what a confession is, what the consequences of signing on any written or blank pages are, what is the rights of an accused are, what the rights of those arrested are, what the duties of an investigating officer and agency are.”

And there is Adnan Mulla, 40, who was sentenced to 10 years for the Mulund blasts of March 1, 2003. Initially he was illegally detained in 2003 and not released because the police wanted to make him a witness. Then he was made an accused after he refused to give a statement against his brother-in-law of Saquib Nachan (former general secretary of the now-banned Students Islamic Movement of India, SIMI). “I spent six years and one month in jail,” he says. Throughout his incarceration, he was kept in the cell, an egg-shaped high-security block. “I was going to get married the same month I was picked up,” he says. “My fiancée waited for seven years for me to be released. Only I know how much she and both our families suffered. How can the loss of time be compensated by any officer or government?”

Who is the system for? Why is the system even their when they take their own sweet time and do not care for the innocents?

Full story: https://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/mumbai/prisoners-of-the-system/article17333262.ece

The phase of embracing everything!

Today we are going to talk about the people who have always been pulling you down. It shouldn’t matter what they say because that’s what people do; they were born to poke their nose in others life and it will always continue no matter what.
But what they never said was: There will be families where none other than your own parents would pull you down and make you feel like you owe your life to them. And to top it all off, our beloved old generation siblings add the cherry on the cake.

If ever you face such a situation, don’t ever be sad. There’s only one solution to do this: You have got to be independent, take your own decisions and most importantly understand that: Your life is only yours and yours to live and shouldn’t be lived on dictations. For regret & being unhappy will never leave their shadow in such a case. We have all known families where social status and show-off have been of utmost importance to them more than their own kids.
‘So don’t be disheartened my child, for this life was given to you because of your strong mind and strong willed nature and always remember you have come in this world by yourself so you have got to give top most love, care to yourself and always do what’s best for you as long as it doesn’t cause damage to something or someone intentionally.

We have only one life to live (technically yes, though there’s reincarnation and stuff but one doesn’t really know how it works), so yeah it’s true to say You Live Only Once as who you are known today. So why live it concentrating on the negatives and how much you’re being pulled down?

There will be instances wherein you’ll be forced to choose professions for family & to take it forward. No, it definitely isn’t wrong to choose those as long as they make you happy and you got a real family who genuinely cares for you and your future and not just the society. In India, the notion of society has always been the evil between family love and bonding and it’s likely never to stop so if you don’t take your stand today. So do what you love, get out of a filthy non-appreciating house for that negativity will always surround you no matter how much you try to run away from it and it will eventually turn you into a human you never wanted to be.

Embrace the pulling down and get over it…. it sure will take time but I promise you’ll get over it once you start living for your betterment & nurturing.

So sweety, break free today for you don’t know what tomorrow holds for you so… live it like a free bird for cages are build only of thoughts & societies.

India’s broken dreams

To the heroes,
Whom we compared to superman & batman
Have now become just a number; ZERO.
You got it right;
Police officers are our context of sight.

As a kid I dreamt of being an IPS officer;
with the stars of my shoulders
& head held high to serve my country;
But little did I know
This profession is power & money hungry.

Do I still want to become an IPS officer?
Do I still want to be associated with;
The ones who kill innocents
The ones who take their uniform for granted
The ones who torture people for their ego?
The ones whom the world needs protection from
Rather than thinking of them as the protectors?

The answer is no
And it will never change;
Because promotions, power & money
Have made this profession a means of corruption;
Which has spread like an infection
& is likely never to be anyone’s ambition.

Hey Giver, Time to give yourself!

To the giver in you
To all the times you let your self-esteem sit back
To all the times you said;
‘It’s them before me’ & saved them from any attack
And lastly,
To all the times you thought you were at fault
Oh darling, sadly;
None understand kindness comes by default.

So stop there!
Take a deep breath;
For they will take you for a weak head;
So gulp that strong sip of pride;
Because you got nothing to hide.

Take the tide of thoughts
& channelize them into self-care;
For its only you for you
Even when you are a part of a whole big crew.

Set your boundaries;
Say no if you are not comfortable
For they will anyway give you labels.
Get over that unworthy, disrespectful relationship;
And give your self-esteem a good grip.

Dance your worries away;
Drink up that wine
Because you got to shine;
For there’s nothing more prime
Than being happy & loving yourself!

Your kids need to know about it

Sitting by the lake
Feels like I have got my long-awaited break
I’m all to myself today
with my thoughts to play.

The sway of the wind reminds me of her;
As though she’s calming putting  me to sleep
The stillness of the water reminds me of her;
As though she’s taking the sun to keep me in shade.

I wish you and Abba were still together;
For I miss the night binging,
The popcorn fights;
It was like we were the perfect tribe.

What changed the days and nights?
For it all went away with your fights.
I still ask myself;
And what if I could make it all right;
But then you’re too far away from our sight.

Being abandoned will forever haunt me;
For all the questions are unanswered;
Because a closer is what Abba & I will never see.
But wherever you are; I will always wish you happiness;
After all, you haven’t taught me what it is to follow pettiness.

  1. Did you know?
    Following parents’ separation, children may regress, display anxiety and depressive symptoms, appear more irritable, demanding and non-compliant, and experience problems in social relationships and school performance. So why let your own child suffer for your decisions? Every parent deserves to be happy and so does the child so give them a proper closure before taking any steps.

    Here are some medically certified ways of breaking the news to them in case of such an unfortunate event:
  2. Bring up the topic a good 2 to 3 months before any separation is set to begin: This gives kids some time to process the situation.
  3. Be sure you have a plan in your mind: even if it’s loose. Your child will probably have a lot of questions about logistics (who’s moving out, where they’re moving, what visitation might look like, etc.), and it’s assuring to them if there’s some framework in place.
  4. Have the talk in a quiet space that’s free from distraction: You may also want to make sure there are no pressing obligations later on in the day. For example, a weekend day may be best.
  5. Consider telling your child’s teacher a day or so before you tell your child: This gives the teacher a heads up if your child begins acting out or needs support. Of course, you can also request that the teacher doesn’t mention it to your child unless your child mentions it to them.
  6. Hone in on certain points: like how you and your partner didn’t come to the decision easily. Instead, you have thought about this for a long while after trying many other ways to make things work better.
  7. Assure your child that the split isn’t in response to their behaviour: Likewise, explain how your little one is free to love each parent fully and equally. Resist casting any blame, even if it seems impossible given the circumstances.
  8. And be sure to give your child room to feel how they need to feel: You may even want to say something along the lines of, “All feelings are normal feelings. You may feel worried, angry, or even sad, and that’s OK. We’ll work through these feelings together.


Today, we are going to talk about everyone’s most favorite topic!
Any guesses there?
Sure, sex is cool but here we are talking about FOOD.
Firstly, let’s take a moment to thank for all the food we have had, have, and would be getting in the near future. Because even the very thought of food makes 90% of the population happy & calm.

But, today we are going to talk about good nutrition. As much as we love junk and unhealthy food that’s exactly what’s going to add up to your bad health and become one of the major reasons for your sufferings in the future.
Did you know?
India is No. 2 among countries with most deaths caused by poor food choices. Yes, that’s right number 2 and not very far from becoming number 1 if we don’t take our health and body seriously.
There’s a very simple logic behind this, you decorate your home with the best of things be it furniture, kitchenware, chandeliers, and what not to make it look the best. And now, how would you feel if someone comes and dirties it all up and throws garbage in every corner of your dream house? It would disgust you and make you angry, wouldn’t it?
So pause there with the anger thought and now apply the same thing for your body, wherein the garbage and dirtiness if being fed to your body (your home) by none other than you, yourself. Yes, that’s right!      
And the poor body has no control of itself to get mad at you for you making it feed all the filth.
So someone’s got to take charge for it; so who’s that going to be?
It’s You! And your body deserves it for it’s your home till the day you lie on the deathbed; so why take it for granted?

It’s not wrong for you to treat & spoil yourself with junk once in a while, but always or very frequently? That’s not the right answer for it’s YOUR body and you have got to take care of it like a baby; who’s shouldn’t be fed with bad food.

Mother Nature has provided us with plenty of delicious as well as nutritive fruits & vegetables to keep us strong and healthy but we still choose junk and unhealthy food over it, why?
It’s true that it’s all in the mind, and you are as strong as you let your mind be. So take the stick and make your mind listen to you rather than listening to it. Have self-control over things that are bad for you; for it’s never too late to start doing something good.

Unhealthy & poor food choices will start poisoning you slowly and you won’t even realize it. Imagine, slowly, and gradually being poisoned by yourself to your own deathbed. There are enough diseases in the world to make you fall sick so why add to it by making yourself the reason for your poor food choices?

“Eating a balanced diet which includes cereals, pulses, vegetables, milk, milk products, fruits, nuts, chicken, fish, and lean meat in appropriate portion sizes is essential. Practicing long and slow eating habits can help in better digestion and improve health and well-being. By cutting down alcohol & foods that are high in saturated and trans-fat can help in avoiding cardiovascular disease. “

If, a funny word!

If, a word we use very often;
To express the regret of a situation
To repent on any given condition
But my dear,
Pause for a minute;
For life is too timid
To blame it on the if’s and but’s
When you got your gut to trust.

No matter how old you are
It’s true that age is just a number.
For losing is nothing bad
But not trying & giving in
Would just be a reason for if’s to add.
So stop and take a deep breath;
For you don’t know how far/near is the dance of death;
So shift, control & reset.

Be proud of your decision
Embrace the change;
For taking risks would only bring growth & range.
Let your emotions speak
Take the leap of faith
Just don’t let there be any hate.
Stand tall for you are one of a kind
& only you can get your peace of mind.

Marry the love of your life
Take that solo trip you always desired
Quit that job; from the one, you always wanted to be fired
And follow your passion & then get hired.
Let them if’s and but’s be bygone
For If you don’t follow your mind & heart;
Are you even living your life or
A life someone has bought?

For the ones, we lost to corona

You had promised me;
Another bedtime story for the following day.
That day morning I rushed to your room;
For our morning hug
But I found you lying on the rug.

Amma was crying but why?
You always taught me;
Never to lie.
So why didn’t you keep up your promise, baba?
Now, what will this Simba do without his Mufasa?

The nights have no warmth anymore;
I still keep staring at your door.
Amma is keeping herself strong for me;
For us; it feels like a bad dream;
But every time we wake up, the same reality hits.

You were doing so well
I thought the virus would soon go to hell.
But clearly, it had other plans;
For, now it has taken you to a new clan;
And I will never be able to reach you from where I stand.

I will forever be angry with you for this demise;
But who can be angry with you for long?
The memory of your sparkly eyes;
Will bring a smile to anyone’s face;
But for your presence, this heart will forever ache.

All the suffering you were going through;
All the times you hid it behind your laugh;
I know sometimes it was getting tough.
I know you are in a much better place now;
But this void feeling hits me like a blow.

Baba, I’m waiting for the day we reunite;
There are so many unopened boxes of ice creams;
so many untold stories for the night.
You were my strength, power & energy;
I will forever crave for our synergy.

India, let’s sense the senses!

What has happened to our eye?
Are we actually even seeing?;
When we can’t really see what’s going on in our country?

Our rights, our power, our money
But looks like we too are politician’s bunnies;
Our wrong electoral choices;
Rapes, murders are the consequences.

What has happened to our voice?
Has money blinded our morals & principles?
That being ignorant has become so integral.

‘India is my country,
All Indians are my brothers & sisters’
Every person once in their lifetime has pledged this.
So why do our words & actions not coexist?

What has happened to our ear?
For we can’t even listen to;
The shrieks & cry of India’s daughters.

How many times will we keep proving;
That humanity means nothing;
For money has now become everything.

What has happened to the sense of our senses?
For not only girls, even animals fear any touch;
Is this the future India had promised us?
Is this why the legends fought for years for our freedom?
Was this all?

Wake up, Indians!
And for once wake your senses!
See & listen clearly;
For our voices are our weapons towards what wrong;
If everyone’s going wait to wake up till it’s all over;
Any good excepted will be long gone;
Even before you wake up to yawn!

Mystery of the night- I

It was a lovely evening for a run. The wind hitting in your face, the busy roads had gone silent & the city looked sparkling. Nate took a stroll around the town of lights for half an hour that night. On his way back home, he picked up flowers for Eva, his 18-year-old daughter & Emmett, his second wife.
It was a beautiful house which smelt of millions of dollars after all Emmett was the sole owner of the $50,000,000mn that her father had left for his only daughter. That day, Emmett was the happiest as she was going to surprise Nate with her pregnancy news.
To Nate’s surprise, when he entered the house, the lights were out, he checked with his servants, and within the next 10 minutes, the mansion was sparkling as though it were Christmas. He made his way towards the first floor; he checked on Eva; she was fast asleep. Carefully, making his way through the room, he placed the flowers in her vase & kissed her good night.
Next, it was time to surprise Emmett, with a smile on his face & orchids in his hands; he walks into his room, only to discover the love of his life covered in blood.
He felt like he was knocked down with a feather. He couldn’t believe his eyes. With a high pitched shriek, he exclaimed his grief which woke everyone up in the house and within no time everyone was in his room, dumbstruck! The servant called up the police & Eva was now on the floor grieving with her father.

It was a murder. Emmette was stabbed 12 times in her sleep. Nate couldn’t make peace with the death of Emmette, & the next news of his dead unborn child made his grief worse. Thankfully, he had Eva, who took care of Nate as though he was a child. The loss of her stepmother made her sad but also strong and supportive for her broken father. The investigations had now begun. The detectives had called in Nate, Eva & the servants for the interrogation. Nate was one of their first suspects as everyone knew the next heir of the million-dollar business would be the husband after the wives death. On questioning with Nate, the detectives started searching for his alibi; one of whom was his friend, Suzzie who had bumped into him during the run.
On checking with the alibi, Suzzie said he didn’t bump into him, on getting to know this Nate was shocked, he couldn’t believe that Suzzie had lied and he couldn’t understand why!
Now was the time for Nate’s arrest. He was taken into custody the very next day.

To be continued…