Web Series worth a try in Lockdown

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I know that many of us are feeling bored in your free time during the lockdown. I know that many of you completed many web series. Might you be facing trouble in choosing the series, right? These are my suggestions for you.



Genre- Drama, Thriller Where to Watch- Netflix, Amazon Prime

Suits is the American web series which is filled with drama, bromance, romance and more about the powerplay. A lawyer hires a junior lawyer as his assistant, but he is a fraud. every episode turns out to be a new challenge and how the lead tackles the challenge is an interesting thing to watch



Genre- Sci-fi, Thriller Where to Watch- Amazon Prime

Just imagine a group of geniuses become a team that tackles the problems of the world. The fun part is that even though there IQ is high, but EQ is low. Do you want to find what EQ is? Watch Scorpion. People who love brain teasers this is one of the best I have watched. Give it a try.


upload series

Genre- Sci-fi, Comedy Where to Watch- Amazon Prime

I don’t know why this webseries has not gained popularity. The picturization of the future in this series is extraordinary. You can see how artificial intelligence can be advanced in human life. In a single word, it’s all about ” Life after death”. I am eagerly waiting for the next season.


jamtara series

Genre- Crime, Action Where to Watch- Netflix

Most underrated Indian web series. It’s based on real crime incidents. It’s all about how few youngsters from a remote village can deceive the people and get money. Raw and different. actors in the series nailed their roles



Genre- Comedy, Drama Where to Watch- Amazon Prime

In my opinion, i think panchayath got popularity but not as expected. A very feel-good series. Director portrayed the life of remote villages in India and administrative problems in a humorous way. Indian ace web series actor Jitender Kumar played the lead. ” jeetu bhaiya key liye toh ek baar bantha hai.”
{If you want to know about jeetu bhaiya, search about jeetu bhaiya motivational speech in youtube)


house of cards series

Genre- Drama, Thriller Where to Watch- Amazon Prime

Let me admit frankly, I have seen the series in bits. But I can say it’s about the lady power. a lady will come into power after his husband death and game of political chairs for power begins. Worth a try

"Please give a try and comment your opinion below"

are we killing ourselves with our lifestyle?

sedentary lifestyle
couch potato

There was a time where we used to hunt the animals, walk miles and stay without food for days.lifestyle in those days effected humankind and nature in the right way. You also might have heard that our ancestors used to manual grind all the curry powders. They were in joint families with big houses. I need not remind you of chores.

In India, out of 3 people, one person is prone to diabetes. The biggest reason for diabetes is the sedentary lifestyle and eating habits. In India, 1 out of 2 women is prone to low bone density.

“Sitting is new smoking”

Have you heard about the quote “sitting is new smoking”? sitting in a chair can cause many diseases related to spine and heart. Question yourself ” How many days has it been without playing sports.” The biggest crime we are doing is we are habituating the kids ( below ten years) with mobile phones. Unfortunately we are forcing the future generation in the meaning less run chase of the world .

People are mending into a mindset where they are seeking approval for happiness. you cant be happy unless the picture of yours cant have expected likes.

Do we have a solution? Yes, we have.

  • I don’t know how sports has been emitted out from our lifestyle. Please don’t give mobile phones to kids to play. Spend your time with kids play with them. You may need to go for a boring walk. Outdoor sports should be habituated at the age of 7-10 years; then their body helps to grow.
  • Tell your maid to come for half of the month. Share the chores with your partner for half of the month. See how your romance blossoms.
  • Don’t sit on couches at home. Sit on the floor in any yoga asana, which is comfortable for you. 
  • Instead of going to restaurants and movies on weekends, Plan a picnic for mountain hiking or swimming. 

Choices makes charecter

At last, all I can say ” its all about choices we make”. Our lifestyle shouldn’t be defined by the materialistic possessions and bank balance. It’s time to think what better can be given to our future generations else money.

Why not a baby girl?

When someone is married, the next mission of the couple is to give birth. A couple shouldn’t have any other thoughts rather than giving birth. Go hell with their bonding, marriage life and financial stability. When it comes to the matter of birth, choice of gender has a lot of influence as if they are responsible for making it.

In the same land we live, do you know a newborn baby girl is killed by stuffing rice in her mouth due to breathing suffocation. A girl child is killed on June 22nd 2020, A girl child was killed by her grandmothers(both mothers of parents) by throwing her into well, and the sad part is her mother was convinced to do it.

This is the latest case that had happened I quoted, and It’s been arising from many years. Even though in this 21st century, People deeply crave for boy child in their deep shit brains. When I studied many cases regarding female infanticides, the sole reason was the economic burden to raise a girl.

If you think dowry is the cause of this thinking its “NO”. In India there are many cases where Bride and her family forcibly give dowry, and also Grooms are marrying without a dowry.

No, dowry and financial burden are not the reason.

The real mistake is in inferior thinking towards the female community. the real problem is we don’t let them fight, and we complain about them as weak. You should let your ladies fight in this world. If you treat them as fragile, you start fearing due to them which ultimately don’t make you want them.

If you are feared that someone will harass them, Train them in self-defence.
If you feel that someone will ask dowry to marry your daughter tell them that your daughter is equally able to their son.
If you think that she has to depend on her husband’s money, make her educate and self-reliant.
If you feel that she will elope with someone she loves without telling you, then give her freedom of speech and freedom to live.

I could give you millions of examples that can tell you about how ladies are outperforming your so called “VANSH KA CHIRAAG”. but issue is all about the co-existence.

Lastly, stop treating woman as if they are some jewel or treasure that you need to take care of, and you need to provide security to them. They are not your social status symbol. They are the reason for the existence of the world.

This small change in you can bring a difference in the community.

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”


my best cousin

Those were good old days of childhood. When we used to stay in our hometown, We were in a joint family. We were a group of cousins staying, studying and playing together. There was a small canal which was in the backyard of our house.

When the rains were heavy, we used to make paper boats and let them race. I was studious among all and in a small way, I was a nerd. When all of my cousins were playing with paper boats, I used to sit far away from them.

One day when all of my other cousins made fun of me because I couldn’t make paper boats. I went back to home, and I was sitting quietly in the corner without eating food then my mother asked her(my best cousin) to call me for dinner.she came to me when she found out that I was crying she ran towards me and pulled my hand shouting “what happened “
I replied “I don’t know how to make a paper boat “
she laughed and said “really? “and continued her laughter I started crying loudly. She closed my mouth with her hand. My eyes were flowing and staring continuously to her. she asked “what do you want to stop crying “.I replied, “I want a paper boat.” she said, “come to me after school tomorrow.”

Next day once I reached home after school, I ran to her screaming “paper boat “. She said, let all others go first we will join them later. I asked ” where is my paper boat ” she said “just shut your mouth do as i say “. As she was elder to me, I stayed quiet. After a few minutes, she gave a box and told me to carry for her. I brought to the canal with a lot of dullness.She said,” open the box”. I opened it and when I saw it. I was utterly stunned. There was a big paper boat which was beautifully handcrafted.
My cousins surrounded me and started asking ” whose boat it is” then she irrelevantly replied “Its his” by pointing towards me.I couldn’t say anything at that moment because i was enjoying the attention of all. That’s the foundation of our friendship.

From there, we became so close to each other. We used to play together. She used to share everything with me whatever she bought to eat.

After some years we moved to the city. I cried a lot when I used to miss her. But in the summer holidays, I used to go to my hometown always had a great time with my cousins. Year after year, our bond grew up stronger.
Either it may be my heartbreak moments or emotional breakdown moments she was there. All I need was to call her. There will be one person whose call can pause the pain in your heart right, for me, that’s her.

Its been 8 hours she got married. When I sleep on the terrace all, I could recollect this beautiful tale. All I can wish her is a beautiful life ahead.

Dear Suhana,
I wish you a great marriage life. Thank you for   the love and Most importantly lots  of love for   PAPERBOAT.

Mani Ratnam – The man who redefined Love

My take on the movies of Director Mani Ratnam, where he redefined love .


  • Love in an arranged marriage. (MOUNARAGAM and ROJA)

Film “MOUNARAGAM” revolves around the girl who used to live with free wings and already in love with someone. Suddenly marriage happens to her. But mani sir shows the romance in the arranged marriage system by narrating that ” Patience is key for a good relation”. Nowadays, In most people who live around metropolitan cities, people make fun of arranged marriage. But mani sir proves that love exists in marriage irrespective of type though his movies.

In the film ” ROJA” when the heroine gets married in an unprepared state. Mani sir shows the hurdles of the lady where marriage happens without the consent of the bride. Mani sir shows that all a girl need is dignity. It’s neither flirting nor wooing. All we need to do is dignify the ladies. Love never comes from forcing it and it comes from setting it free.

  • Love has no discrimination (BOMBAY)

In the era’s of 90’s itself, Mani sir broke the barriers for love through films. He showed that caste and religion created the walls between humans rather than creating bonds. When the hero and heroine being from orthodox family still fights for their love and how the religion and caste not interfering their relation is well placed on celluloid.

  • “I love you ” means a lot. (SAKHI)

“Movie Sakhi” is my favourite. It’s clearly shown in the film that love is just not about sharing cooldrinks and romantic walks. It’s about surrendering yourself for what you love the most. Only mani sir can portray the beauty of petty couple fights. Relation is far more superior to ego can be taken from the movie.

  • Heartthrobbers of Maniratnam

I don’t need to say the mania of Maddy aka Madhavan for the girl teenagers of ’20s (2000). If we go back little further, Aravind Swamy created the same magic for the girls of 19’s(1990). it’s not because they had six-packs or supercars. There was love in the words they spoke, which were written by Maniratnam.

Mani sir portrayed love in his cinemas by addressing different social issues, And he pulled it out with such an ease that they created magic in the audience mind. Leaders are many, pioneer is one thats MANIRATNAM

We all have been there

This article is all about the weirdest situations that every person might have experienced with there partners in relationship.

  • Long-distance relationship is too hard.

When we deeply love someone and due to circumstances we need to stay away from them for certain period of time due to career and various other reasons. No matter how much technology is supporting for communication but we miss the real feel. But sometimes we need to sacrifice.

  • Accepting the changes

Love might have happened without any reasons sometimes but once it happens we face difficulties in adapting the changes comes through it. Being in love with them and Living with them are two different aspects. All we need to have to do is accept that change.

  • North pole – South Pole

In love marriage its different because you might have known the person. But in arranged marriages, we don’t get that opportunity to know them. You might like AR Rahaman others might like Ilayaraja. You like to watch Action movies and they might be interested in Horror movies. This difference is sometimes very good because you will know other tastes.Don’t be opinionist just understand there are different people with different taste and this difference is the beauty of your relation

  • Sharing our fears and limitations.

This is where men need to work. People go through beyond there limitations in impressing a girl. But once you set a bar such high it will be difficult to touch that daily. You need to make them understand your nature . If possible try to change accordingly if not be very clear about your limitations. Just tell them what are your priorities in life.

share your insecurites and fears with your partner. Tell them you are not okay with it. There is no rule that you need to force something in you when you cant.

Dear readers, i might be sounding as if i mastered my relationship so well. Infact i have been going thorugh the same situations. When i asked many of my friends they too convey me same problems.      We all have been there. Friction we go through in relation is the beauty of the relation if not there wont be any thrill in it.


Dear Mumma,

Hai Mumma. How are you? It’s been three months without seeing you. I know we might be talking through video call, but still, it’s different na. By the way, convey my hello to our macho man. The situation is getting worse day by day. Every health care professional is working too hard. Whenever I go to treat the patients my heart trembles still I go by thinking it’s my Duty. Otherwise, there is no use of this education.

When someone recovers from the COVID-19, we sendoff with a huge cheer. I really feel that my purpose in life is filled when I see happiness in their eyes.

Maa, Something pathetic happened in the hospital. Group of people came to beat our chief doctor. There was his no mistake. He treated the patient with almost care, but what to do maa, somethings are not in our hands. People don’t get it. But our chief doctor came to work after one week to treat patients with zero bitterness. That moment inspired me a lot. 

Maa, there is a head nurse in our hospital. Whenever she scolds the staff regarding any work, she reminds me of you. She is very conscious of the resources of the hospital. I learnt from her that one of the important leadership principles is frugality. She got a one-year-old daughter. She tells me,” Its killing me that i cant hug my daughter.”  

When i see things around, the dream of being a soldier is fulfilled in me.

At last,” Happy birthday Mumma” I miss you very much. I will miss all the fun that we used to have on your birthday. But you always say na that Duty first later all.

{ Take this letter from me as a greeting card }

Will she ever miss me-Part 5

Suraj- Yes I am Suraj, who is this

Aafreen– Hai Suraj, It’s Aafreen this side.

Suraj- Who ?(voice stumbling)

Aafreen- Suraj, I am Aafreen, CSE, your collegemate. 

I did not believe it, and I don’t know why. How can this miracle happen? I was entirely in a trance for a few moments, and she was shouting my name on that side.

Suraj- Yeah, are you the burkha and Bharatanatyam combo girl? 

Aafreen- If that’s how you remember me, yes, I am.

Suraj-  Hey, how are you? How did you get my number?

Aafreen- It’s not that tough.

Suraj- Yep, that’s true.

Aafreen- I was about to call you in the morning, but I couldn’t.

Suraj- Why?

Aafreen- There were people in the canteen. You seemed to be very serious.

Suraj- Are you the one who sat in front of me in the canteen.

Aafreen- Yes. You got it. I came to meet my friend, coincidentally, you were sitting in front of me.

(Inner me(screaming)- Yes, I know that it was her.)

( Inner me(relaxing)- Thank God!! Not again”)

We talked for many hours, all casual stuff. I didn’t brag about past because it’s of no use.

She messaged me in WhatsApp- “This is my number.”

We, boys, are very foolish in terms of romance. We just talked for a few minutes, and I started for hoping to rejuvenate my love towards her.

Hope is a funny thing, and once it comes, your actions are reactions to it.

But this time, I also had one more thing with me; it’s “Practicality.” 

I was very conscious of her, and I know how it hurts when it ends. Gradually, somehow small chats turned to be lengthy discussions. Acquaintance turned to be close friends. Five-minute calls turned to be one-hour calls. I somehow used to sleep by talking to her. I don’t know how it happened. somehow when I realized, I was f****d.

( practicality was like- you as******le)

Let me tell you, one thing guys, you can live in deception until you know you are deceived. One day, Aafreen came to college to meet me casually. My inner me was continuously urging me to speak to her. When she was about to leave.

Suraj- Aafreen, one minute.

Aafreen- What?

Suraj- I love you.

Aafreen- What? (surprisingly)

Suraj- You heard it right, I love you.

I still remember how she saw me with anger, she went away with her bike without uttering any word as a usual abrupt ending.

At 11 P.M, I got a call from her. The conversation goes like this

Aafreen– Are you mad or what?

Suraj – What! Are you ok?

Aafreen– What am I ok? really. Why do you need to get this thing always between us?

Suraj– What always, this is 2nd time I told you that I love you. What’s wrong in it?

Aafreen– Everything. Why can’t we be friends? Why do you think that narrow?

Suraj- It’s really hurting. What do you think? I wanted to waste my mental energy thinking of you. NO! It happens. I clearly can’t control myself, but here I am not forcing you. It’s ok if you don’t feel the same. But I wanted to be truthful.

Aafreen- What’s the use of this truth? It will separate us. We can never talk to each other.

Suraj- Yeah, maybe. But I can’t deceive.

Aafreen– Suraj. Try to understand. This won’t happen.

Suraj- Maybe. But what should I do? You are my only true love. I can’t deny it to myself.

Aafreen- Do you think I can deny it to myself.

Suraj- What did you just say?

Aafreen- Nothing.

Suraj- You love me, right?

Aafreen- Of course, yes. I love you. What do you think? 

Why did I call you? Myself. 

Why did I come to university? 

Why did I spend hours talking to you.?

Why do I always spend hours asking about your lunch?

Do you think I just did by being just friend to you? No Idiot, I fell in love with you, when you sang for me on our farewell, I always thought of you all these days. Searched in facebook but you deactivated your account. Somehow found out you were there in this university. So came here but I couldn’t find the strength to talk to you directly. That’s why I called you.

Suraj- I really love you too Aafreen.

Aafreen- I can’t do this Suraj, the reason is apparent. We can’t be together. My parents love me a lot, and they let me live as I wanted. It may sound straightforward for other people. But for me, it’s tough to oppose them and marry you—clearly, it’s impossible. We can’t continue to be in this. 

Suraj- What ! are you mad? We can convince. 

Aafreen- I know my parents from the past 23 years. I know where they can be convinced where they cant be. I think this is it.

Suraj- Really what! You are leaving again.

Aafreen- Yes, I have to. I know I am hurting. But there is no chance for me and you. Hope you understand. 

Once again “I love you Suraj.”

Phone call cuts…

{ 6th part is final}