The new succulent trend!

This time let’s catchup with the trendy plants, succulents/drought plants. Before this lockdown, I had no idea about these tiny, little, cute plants. When I got to know much about them, I couldn’t stop loving them, and sometimes I feel I have a very few reasons, but sometimes I feel the count of reasons doesn’t matter for loving these tiny plants.
Here we go with a few reasons to love them :

Easy for Lazy:

Just like introverts, they don’t thrive on seeking attention, and this makes it easy for lazy people. These plants don’t need much care or attention like the other plants, and that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care. As the other name called drought plants implies, all you need to do is water them twice a week with a very little quantity of water. And with adequate light, airflow, and proper drainage, your plants grow without any downfall. This is so simple right, and so I told it’s easy for lazy people.

No Boundaries:

These succulents have no boundaries in shapes, sizes, colors and textures! We can find these plants in a variety of colours like purple, yellow, white, pink etc. etc., unlike other plants which are mostly green in color. And some of them do change their colours according to seasons/climate. Whether they stand-alone or placed in mixtures with other plants, they create a long-lasting visual in your space. They are convenient to pick according to our style and shape.


These cute plants are so magical, and that doesn’t mean they make your wishes to happen. Propagation of these plants allows you to take a leaf and stem cuttings from the succulents to create new plants. Though it includes some patience, trial and error methods, it is so magical to watch these new babies grow.

Eco Friendly:

Along with many positives, these plants are ecofriendly too. Be it a drought area or if the water has to be conserved, then succulents are the best options for gardening as they don’t require much water. If you use much water, the more issues are welcomed. Thinking of the money, you will save your water bill as well!

Grow them as you Wish:

These little plants fit in just about anywhere. Want to plant them in a garden? No issues! A wreath? Of course! In Your Shoes? I bet you can! The versatility of these little plants is incredible, primarily when you use creativity in planting them, sometimes it may not work, but nothing comes out without a trial.
Above all may be a very few reasons but with no doubt, you will not fail to get positive energy looking at them. It’s just a small plant, and I do advice you to plant one at your desk/table, and this never fails to charge you.

Let’s play in the kitchen for sometime!

Firstly I love eating and watching cooking videos which made me watch a series called “just add magic” only because they add some magic ingredients to make magic with food. I know it sounds stupid sometimes, but once you are completely into it you will love it!

**Remainder: Playing in the kitchen doesn’t include a volleyball nor a bat and ball.

And I meant to play with some ingredients to come with some delightful dish; only if you haven’t added much salt/sugar/spices!! And you don’t need to be a chef to make it yummy. It just takes a few minutes to get recipes from mom or grandma and probably from youtube as well!!

Well, I played in the kitchen, not for some time but for a long time especially during the lockdown period and only then I got to know that it helps to reduce stress, give much more energy even before eating it.

But before you start cooking, you got to make sure of somethings:

Set up your kitchen:

Make sure that you got all the right tools to make your food because you can’t make puri over dosa pan.


Well, the foremost thing to do is skip the self-criticism. Mistakes in the kitchen are compelled to happen but never fail to learn from it as well. Maybe you tried to bake a cake, and it was burned or overcooked, or may not be it hasn’t turned out as the ones shown in the video, or maybe you got a little heavy-handed with the baking soda because you thought you didn’t need to measure out one teaspoon. Then your food was a little bit overcooked. It happens to everyone! Remember, you’re not expected to make complicated meals a week after you start cooking or maybe never. So stop criticising and try making yummy cakes day after the other day, but don’t stop making cakes!

Know the basics:

Knowing some basic cooking methods will make your life significantly easier. If you know how to make the perfect rice, saute vegetables, then you’ve got multiple meals you can make! And moms make the recipes in a way better if you are making them. Try not to miss their suggestions.

Pick your favorites:

When I wanted to cook something delicious, I always make sure that I’m in love with it. Even the food I make mostly has cakes, pasta, dosa and some spicy foods that make me say ummm…..yummmyyyy!!! So make sure you have your favourite dish on the list. But never make them every single week.

Don’t fail to do an Experiment :

Found a new recipe? Never fail to try it. New vegetables or different cooking methods. Change your cooking methods like steam, saute, bake, roast etc. Alter sides and flavourings; try different spices, try with a new vegetable. But be sure that you have something other than this dish as we all know that some firsts don’t taste as good as they look. Never fail to keep an open mind.

I know that cooking is not something that everyone enjoys, but once you start cooking, you will feel like making more and more. The magic in cooking is that it just makes you feel so pleasant even if there is so much sweat on your face and all the stress we had fly’s away like dust particles with the wind.

Not so convinced right? Check out how.

Sometimes, breaking through your stress is as simple as reasserting your dominance at the top of the food chain. Confused? It’s just like chopping vegetables, and butchering hens can take the edge off of the most stressful times. Had the worst fight with your boss? Imagine that onion is his face and chop it into how many pieces you want to.


Next time when you had a terrible day at the office, pick up a solid knife and fresh veggies and chop them as finely as needed. Cooking is a hobby that eases you, and that has the bonus of being nourishing, too. Skip the social media, gossiping, and so many blahs for relaxing. And get eased with the old-fashioned way: in front of the stove.

LOCKDOWN READING: good books that makes your time fly!

It’s already been seven month of lockdown and obviously most of us got bored of watching series. Many are searching for the good books to catchup in the lockdown. Reading is one of the best methods to ease your mind and plunge into an all-encompassing story. Whether it’s before the bed to relax or throughout your day to fill the time, reading is an enjoyable hobby that everyone can partake. Let’s dive into some interesting books you can give a try in the lockdown. With some ancient, some latest, and some in-between, you will be able to find an excellent literary option for your flavors.

Steal Like an Artist:

Best Books 2020 - 6

“Steal Like an Artist” by Austin is essential and required reading for all the artists, despite the type of art you create. This eye-catching little book, visually stimulating read, “Steal Like an Artist” is an excellent pick. This square book makes a perfect addition to any coffee table with its attractive, minimalist look and small size. It’s one of the best-picked books of 2020 with its hopeful message. Moreover, It’s a quick read that you can complete in one session, but the advice and ideas it holds will stay with you long after you have set it down.

Some of the Austin’s ideas will validate on what you’re already doing; some will stimulate you to change a creative practice centrally; others will encourage you to grab a notebook and get to act immediately.

Sita’s Sister:

Image result for sita's sister book images

“Sita’s Sister” from the Indian author Kavita Kane, is about Urmila, the ignored wife of Lakshman, Sita’s sister and one of the most excused characters in the Ramayana. It is a brave re-creation of mythology, which presents us with a subaltern perspective. It seems to be addressed in response to Lakshman’s question – “O Urmila! Will the world ever know of your emotional pain, your eternal sacrifice?” yet it is not just her variant.

It goes with a brilliant narration about the best rendition to Ramayan from the worst-hit woman of Ramayan. Urmila has got all in her as tones, muted over the canvas of living. She is portrayed as a fierce princess in love, joyful bride, anxious wife and determined woman who did not try to impose herself on her husband to become his distraction.

If you are in search of knowing the stories of some overlooked female characters in mythology then books by Kavita are the best suggestions to catchup in the lockdown.

State Of Wonder:

books to read during lockdown

“State Of Wonder” by Ann Patchett is the novel that makes you refuse to move until you finish the entire chapter even though you made your mind not to get deep into it.

It feels mystical when a story takes you into the intensities of the Amazon rain forest of Brazil, where the civilization doesn’t exist ( tribes and their cultures are what does). Moreover, it becomes much interesting because it all about the two doctors, both females are entwined in a medical research mystery. Though the end was a bit rushed, the entire story is so dazzling, and it’s like a meaty collection of ethical questions.

*This book is shortlisted for orange books 2012.

A Man Called Ove:

Image result for a man called ove book images

If you feel like catching up with a book of comedy and solitude, then the best choice would be “A Man Called Ove” by Fredrik Backman. It all about how an irritable yet loveable man finds his solitary world changed on its head when a boisterous modern family moves in next door. Fredrik explains on the point of “how healing can happen with the strangest people in the strangest ways”, in a fantastic way!

Born a Crime:

books to read during lockdown

“Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah, is about his life growing up as a mixed-race child in pre-apartheid and post-apartheid South Africa. It also includes the story of that child’s relationship with his bold, revolutionary, and fervently religious mother; whose is his teammate so determined to save her son from the circle of violence, poverty and abuse. It gives insights of abusement during apartheid as marriage, and sexual relations between black and white South Africans were illegal.

But in the end, be prepared to fall just a little bit in love with his loving mother. And one can easily believe that “the quickest and impactful way to bridge the race gap is by the language” after reading this book.

These are few suggestions and yet more to come in future. It’s your turn to catch up with these good reads to make your day go smoothly with a little warmth, little love, little sadness, comedy and finally a wholesome peace of mind.

Artificial Intelligence: from human intelligence to beyond

Many of us have these question Why is that ends up with “n” number of additional questions! But in precise, I’m going to tell you “why we got to rush for AI.”

Artificial Intelligence, mostly known as AI, is the simulation of human intelligence by devices. In precise, it is the method by which devices demonstrate certain aspects of human intelligence like reasoning, learning, self- correction. Since its commencement, it has shown unprecedented growth. Artificial Intelligence has undoubtedly been a prime entity in today’s world, and it has demonstrated a robust exponential growth throughout. Innovations like Tesla’s Autopilot, Google’s DeepMind, Virtual assistants Siri, Alexa, Cortana are the best examples of the future scope of AI.

Here are some fields where AI can change the future to best:

Artificial Intelligence in Data Analysis

AI is the new engine which is driven by the best fuel called DATA. It is originating some companies to success and devising creative and economical solutions to most of the problems. It would profit immensely if the potential of AI is used to detect patterns and trends that are invisible to the mundane eye. In simple, this enables business’ to target the right customers for the product.

In 2019 alone AI, along with data analysisdrove almost $2.2 trillion worth of value worldwide. If the stakes are this huge, the role of AI in deriving meaningful insights, trends and patterns become vital.

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

Here is a fact, the world needs to produce over 30% of its current production in just another 15 years. Thoughtful planning of resources along with AI, will help the farmers grow sustainable production while managing resources actively. Considering factors such as climate change, reduction in water resources, decrease in cultivating land, population growth, AI has enormous potential to provide innovative answers to improve the crop yield during the year to meet the increasing demands.

The future scope of AI involves usage of robots to assist in crop health disclosure, reaping and soil analysis which ensures positive outcomes in the long term.

Nowadays, smartphones are used to perform a wide variety of analytics and tests in the field of agriculture. If that paired with AI, the chances are endless with tremendous potential.

Artificial Intelligence in Automation

The application of automating rule-based works using machine learning is called Robotic Process Automation(RPA). As the scope of AI is immense, growth in automation is directly proportional to automating the tasks in a diverse number of fields. We can forecast a high amount of productivity by making use of AI in daily jobs, holding the high efficiency and throughput of automation.

Automation helps humans’ to focus on the crucial aspects of their jobs while leaving the repetitive work to machines as we all know it can coverup the risky jobs like welding, working in coal mines, bomb diffusion etc.

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

With the tremendous growth in the availability of the Internet everywhere to everyone, cyber-attacks are growing in the same. In today’s world safety and privacy of one’s data is the most concerned, and from many years, cybersecurity is the answer for it. Even though there are rigid and approved methodologies in usage, hackers always find a workaround. Novel AI techniques like Recurrent Neural Networks can detect fraud in initial stages. This detection method will be able to scan thousands of transactions spontaneously and organise them. By which one can save lots of time as it focuses on cases where there is a high possibility for the scam.

Why should you be certified in AI:

Over the last 2years, there is a 60% increase in demand for AI learning experts in the industry. Also in India, the growth in the size of this sector is estimated up to $16 billion by 2025. Considering this as the central aspect many companies/industries feel that the shortage of skilled people is lessening the adoption of AI in business which makes a massive impact of loss in future.

With the lockdown to combat the deadly Covid-19 students and professionals have lots of time in their hands. To utilize this time productively, several people are looking for resources to upskill themselves. Considering this here are some suggested courses that will help you in mastering the AI course from scratch.

1) Introduction to Neural-Networks and Deep Learning by Great Learning :

 This course requires learners to have essential knowledge of Python, linear regression, logistic regression, and introductory algebra. This course covers different aspects of neural networks such as loss functions, hyperparameter tuning, deep neural networks, batch normalization, tensor flow and so on.

Duration: 15 Hours.

Website Link: 

2) IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate by Coursera:

 To master fundamental concepts of deep learning and machine learning can undertake this course. Six courses are offered under this professional certificate like machine learning with Python, deep neural networks with PyTorch, scalable machine learning on big data using Apache Spark, AI Data Science, etc.

Website Link: 

3) Introduction to AI for Business by Udemy :

This course provides an overview of what predictive data analytics are, which AI software is available, and how can they enhance the business performance and also about how Microsoft is using this technology. Moreover, it’s free of cost!

Duration: 1Hour

Website Link: 

4) AI technologies for Business Planning and Decision Making by FutureLearn:

This course helps you to learn how AI technology and AI processes help businesses with both human and automated business planning and decision-making. This course comes with free of cost as well.

Duration: 6 Hours

Website Link:

5) AI for Everyone by Edx:

This course covers the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and its application to solve real-world problems including, search, constraint satisfaction problems games, machine learning, logic etc. It also helps to solve the real AI problems using python and perform machine learning algorithms.

Duration: 108 Hours

Website Link: 

6) Elements of AI by Reaktor and the University of Helsinki:

This program can be taken by anyone interested in AI as there is no complicated math or programming involved in it. It covers the basics of artificial intelligence and enables you to learn what is possible, what is not, and helps you to recognise how AI is transforming our lives.

Duration: 30 Hours

Website Link: 

My suggestion to all the folks:

After the completion of Lockdown, it becomes so hard to find a job. The main reason for it is well known – many have lost their jobs, and as usual, many graduates have come out with degrees alone! So when you go for an interview, obviously they will question you about what have you learnt in this lockdown period. If you say the same answer like before “I know programming, scripting, java, c++ etc, etc.; without a doubt, they say NO to you. So it’s better to be prepared with some new technologies in hand before hearing that big NO for the recruiter.

Girl before a mirror – Art from cubism period

“Yes, I suffered !

I faked my smile for an unknown reason!

I am not so happy for what I am!

Hated myself for how I look!

And Yes, I’m not ok with my curves and tone!”

This is how many girls think about themselves irrespective of how they are reflected. And these thoughts have been rolling up in most of the girl minds from ages. One such idea is reflected in one of the best paintings called “GIRL BEFORE A MIRROR” by Picasso.

This painting talks about reflections of self; how she sees herself versus how others see her; or the duality of our natures. There are so many levels you can use to prompt creativity and critical thinking about Picasso’s paintings. The woman in the art is Marie-Therese Walter, Picasso’s youthful mistress and favoured model in the 1930s.

Picasso reflected her both in profile and frontally as she peers into a mirror that reflects as a woman she is not. We can see a beautiful pregnant woman with charm and round breasts who is looking at her reflection in the mirror, which appears as her future reflection. In her reflection in the mirror, she sees that her body is aged and she is not very happy about it. The reflection shows a different woman than the appearance, who is dark and morbid; vanity and despair; somber and sad; grief and pain; darkness and crying for hope- a hope where she could be brought out of all her miseries. Some descriptions also say that the woman before the mirror is what everyone sees, and her reflection shows how she actually felt inside, the pain she is hiding from everyone.

“Girl Before a Mirror” by Picasso is one of the most thoughtful painting, and a very few get the whole meaning right away. To know about the art, we have to look deeper and deeper inside the artwork to get the real sense. At times when I look at Picasso’s paintings, I start imagining things that aren’t there, and that’s precisely what Picasso does in his paintings.


Well, this is how I illustrated my view on this art. The girl looks so beautiful, yet she is making it complicated by her thoughts while looking at her reflection. I find this particular painting is more relevant in today’s world. Because many people, especially women, see themselves as being uglier, for they find themselves unable to attain the falsely imposed standards. And here is my take for you:

Why should one be worried about curves; when they have achieved to the best in a curvy life,

Why should one be worried about wrinkles; when they have a beautiful smile on the face,

Why should one be worried about loosing skin tone; when they have the brightness got from happiness,

Why should one be worried about growing old; when they have got a handful of memories to cherish,

Why should one be worried about how others judge them by their looks; when they got the best soul,

Why should one be worried about stretch marks after pregnancy; when they have the best moments to cherish with the kids,

Why my girl, why?

We don’t have to. After all, we have got one life, and we need to live it the fullest. If not what’s the point of living for many years! Admire yourself with what you have, be happy and thankful for being a unique and beautiful creation.
You are not born to live in the standards of others but to live the life where you set your standards, which defines your worth.

It just takes few minutes to embrace yourself and love yourself. But trust me when you LOVE your soul and don’t give a damn on shitty things, you will have the best moments to cherish for a longer time.

Karma is not a bitch, It is a snitch!

When something goes wrong, we all say without a second thought; “It’s true man, Karma a bitch.” It has become a trendy phrase too. I used the same phrase as others. But I changed it to “Karma is a Snitch” after hearing this voice;
“Hello, dear!
Wondering who I am?
I’m the one whom you all call as a “BITCH”,
Yes, I’m a bitch, but I’m a Bittersweet bitch called “KARMA”;
You called me bitch, but I’m a SNITCH that you all ignore;
I’m a snitch because;
Sometimes I made you suffer in life, not because you were terrible or bad;
But because you didn’t realise where to stop being GOOD;
Sometimes you might think you failed a battle because of me,
But you’re mistaken, my friend!
I’m the one who rained them on you;
Not because you have to suffer,
But because you need to face challenges for all the good and evil you did.
You hate me for hanging upon you;
You hate me for not turning up when you needed me;
You hate me for not being like others Karmas;
You hate me for the way I made you feel when you weren’t wrong!
But in the END,
I could only say that;
What you got to do is “go with the flow”,
I will always be your snitch;
And make you aware of everything.
If you ignore me;
Then I have my ways to deal with; after all “I’m your so called BITCH and SNITCH!”
We all know that “no matter how great you are, KARMA has its way and we need to face it. After all, Dasharath was a king, yet he couldn’t escape from his own mistakes and met them in the name of KARMA!
We all faced karma and felt the worst because we felt it as bitch. But this time you feel it as a snitch, and I’m pretty sure we may not feel that worse this time.
And remember my FRIEND, there is no equation or formula to solve karma. You only need to accept it and go with the flow by letting KARMA do its JOB!!

Frugality – We all need it!

Many of us can feel that why do we need Frugality. Let me give a self example.
Just like all other weekends, I was lying on the bed, using my phone and I got a notification of sale on amazon and without a second thought opened the app. I saw one art kit that drove me out of words; it has the same components as all my other art kits, but the package of the kit was so fantastic that I couldn’t resist myself from getting it. I had a habit of getting one for my sister whenever I feel it is good. And so I made a call to my sister and told her, “I’m buying an art kit for you too, and it is so cool that you will love it for sure”, and here goes our conversation:
Sister: What’s the cost?
Me: Don’t worry about the cost. I’m earning now I can spend on something we love.
Sister: Do you really need it? Like you already have some na…why to waste money on something we already have. Instead, you try creating something that makes it even cooler in looks using the ones you have.
Me: I know you would say this. Why do you always do this?
Sister: “You will get it.” with the same gentle smile.
Me: Ok, fine. I’m not buying it.
It’s been 3months since that conversation happened, and now I got to know why my sister is always frugal and made me frugal too. Especially during this pandemic.
During this pandemic, I saw people who struggled a lot financially, especially middle-class families. But some families are managing it so well even the income is low. And I could say that Frugality is the principle that made it possible. After all, it is told and proved by many leaders and mothers(who stand first in line), “One of the important leadership principles is frugality.”
Of course, that principle isn’t limited to leaders who run organisations but for everyone. Because one is always a leader for self, and I can say that “the art of frugality” is not that hard to practice. It is a way of life that makes one financially independent and also minimalise through anti-consumerist habits. So, we could assume that “The art of Frugality” is worth learning skill.
You can enjoy being frugal if you embrace the beauty of a walk through the park rather than roaming around malls where you intend to spend money for no reason. Create something new with the unused resources that could make your home a-way attractive than before. Spend some time to get the chef out of you, which saves a lot of your income. And it is already proved in this lockdown period. Many of these beautiful and creative moments stay with us far longer than the ones we spend money on.

Unheard voice of Sold Bodies

My name is Snigdha. I was just 16 when I went missing and reached Mumbai, amidst the slaughters. I was sold when I’m still a daughter, forced to lie down on the beds of tyrants while I’m still dressed as a bride with shiny saree and wild makeup. Now I have a body that has neither identity nor destiny. These questions still play in mind even when I was like a corpse lying on the bed and played with fingers of rich around my body.
“Will I ever see my parents?
Will I ever get to play with kids on the street, especially with paper boats when it rains?
Will I ever get rid of the gaze given by people during nights when they cross the roads?
Can I be not auctioned for just a few rupees?
Will I ever be a respectful person?
Will I ever get rid of all this fucking shit and remain alive?”
And sometimes I do feel “If I weren’t there, there would be more poor girls like Nirbhaya and Asifa” – this is a small voice of a SOLD BODY that hasn’t been heard by many. Rather it is judged by many without knowing the actual reason for selling the body.
I guess you would have understood what the SOLD BODIES are referred to. If not here it is “The sold bodies related to the PROSTITUTES – women who are engaged or forced in sexual intercourse for money.

Here is my little suggestion for you:
“Every night, when you drive back home crossing that road where love is sold; cars slow down their pace and men look out of their windows to see the faces that have no identity.
That fucking stare gave by you towards them make their souls live in pain. They live as corpses when they are forced and prepared to do sex with the same ones who abused them.
But this time when you drive across the same road, slow down your cars but instead of staring take a moment and smile gently, that shows that you do care for them.
Because if you observe them, you can find a compassionate mother desperate to earn for her child. You will see them burn hopelessly surrounded by desperation and need; while their kids grow up, outside those shut doors.
You will see a girl who is still a little princess, whose body is shared with many where none has dared to share their surname.
You may not be in a place to help them out of that, but your gentle smile could make a little change for that night.”
Prostitution in India isn’t something new; it’s one of the oldest profession like other professions. Whether it is she who stands on the footpath or the one who uses technology to get in touch with customers share the same stories. Over millions of women are into prostitution, of which most of them are forced, i.e. trafficking.
We do have some laws related to prostitution:
Prevention of Immortal Traffic Act
Suppression of Immortal Traffic in women and girl act
Immortal Traffic Prevention Act
Despite all these laws, for every 3minutes, a girl is trafficked into sexual slavery, hardly 1% of them are being rescued.
We all know that we couldn’t change their profession since some of them choose it as their source of income, but we could change the attitude towards them. They do deserve RESPECT because only their bodies are touched but not souls.
And here is the thing I still don’t get it – “How do you cremate a body that has been constantly cremated from within?”
And to all the men, don’t be macho only in beds, be a gentleman who respects a beautiful heart rather than a used body.

Are you also living in Hopper’s “Morning Sun”?

I know your first question is, “Who is he?”

Edward Hopper is an American painter famous for his oil paintings; he was equally proficient as a watercolorist and printmaker in etching. Realistic depictions of everyday urban scenes that appear in most of his paintings still shock many during recognition of the strangeness of familiar surroundings.

And coming to the title, I asked if you are also living in Hopper’s MORNING SUN because I’m already living in it.

Before explaining why I’m living in it, let me tell you about the painting.

No one captured human isolation within the modern city like Edward Hopper, where one can easily find solidarity in enforced solitude. One such masterpiece is “MORNING SUN.”

You can find a woman wearing a simple pink shift dress sitting on a bed and gazing out a window with her knees pulled up to her chest, with her hair tucked back into a bun. Her bare arms rest lightly on her bare legs. The sun rays falling through the Window, shines her brighter with a glimmer of hope. Her visible right eye appears, emphasizing her isolation though she seems to be locked up in the small room. Hopper painted the room with primary colors that show drearily dull and lifeless. But the glimpse of street situated below enhances the stillness and solace felt within the four walls of the room.

I said I’m living in this because, in regular times, I used to sit alone in cafes, near the windows except that I’ve got a phone to make me feel social. But during this pandemic, we are coldly distanced from each other. And even now, I sit at the lonely windows, but this time I started overlooking a sinisterly empty town, like the woman. Sometimes, I feel like a prisoner within the room where my gaze directed towards the inner self. Where it says, “You know, Hope is a funny thing, my girl! Because you see, it is the one that makes you and breaks you too. It makes you to expect, to believe, and drives you in life. And sometimes it breaks you so hard that you couldn’t express. You know there is tremendous increase in number of COVID cases and you are not sure if they are going to find a solution before we lose everything, yet you never stopped hoping.You have lost connections with your dear ones, but sometimes you feel that the warmth from the rising sun is needed rather than the warmth from tears rolling down your cheeks.”

Hopper expressed Solitude, and I found it by living in it, where my inner self thought me, “never to lose HOPE -After all Hope is what keeps you alive.” 

Somethings need to be changed by SOCIETY not by GOVERNMENT alone.

“Shreya, an 8-year-old girl, is playing with other children, and suddenly a boy living next to her house came and said “Shreya, your mom went to the market and asked me to get you home. Come, let’s go home.” She said bye to everyone and went along with him. While walking back home, he pulled her off the road and asked her to remove the dress. Shreya, being shocked after listening to it stood without any movement. Irritated with her, he started shouting, and he pulled it by himself so forcefully that the buttons of her dress are scattered around. Then he fucked her so hard, he started beating her and felt so relieved after listening to the chocking and screaming of her out of pain. 

After this, he left her on the roadside and left the place. Shreya, unable to bear the pain left the world with her dress on the body that he pulled.”

Well, this type of news is seen every day in the newspaper, and it will go on the trend in social media for a day or two because it is child abusement. 

Have you ever thought “why these fuckers don’t leave the kids and why are the child abusement case registrations have never been on a downtrend?”

The children hadn’t flirted with them or exposed infront of them, but still, they are being abused sexually, tortured left in pain. Many of us still don’t know the reason where these bastards are getting motivated for doing these things. 

And recently I got to know about one such motivating thing, i.e. “Child Pornography”

Yes, child pornography stands first in the reasons why children are sexually abused or assaulted. 

India is one of the worlds biggest contributor and consumer of child abuse content. Kudos!! We are giving a good competition and standing front in the line.

Though child pornography is illegal and strictly prohibited across the country under section 67B, the recent data released by pornhub shows that there is a 95% increase in search for child porn in INDIA (especially during LOCKDOWN period). Of which there is a 150% increase in search for videos showing children tortured, bleeding, choking and where they are at high pain.

Monthly demand for child porn videos is 5 million across all the major cities in India, where Delhi, like suited at the top of the map stood in the first place. And 90% of the viewers are male. The ones who watch those videos tend to do the same. Because it’s human nature that, one should experience what the other had and so they do what they had seen, resulting in child sexual abusement, rape, assault etc. etc.

And what do we do!!

Post the news in social media make it a trend for a few days and will get back to it only when such an event happens again.

I’m not saying that it shouldn’t be a trend. It has to be a trend, but it needs to have such a meaning and worth outcome for making it a trend. And of course, we fail at it because we don’t have much concern. And after all, we haven’t been there.

Well, feel good that technology does play a significant role because people who upload the videos, use VPN’s so that it becomes to track ISP or location of them.

Like seriously man! What is so wrong with these people. For some time, let’s keep the ones watching the videos aside and talk about the ones creating them. 

How could you shoot a video keeping a suffering child who isn’t matured enough to know what she is going through in front of you? She is bleeding and choking in pain, damn it! How can this be so entertaining to you?

And the ones who are watching them are no lesser to psychos because they feel so good and refreshed after looking at a child who is bleeding, tortured, abused. And these people aren’t satisfied with generic videos that are uploaded and demand for more exploitive, violent, torturing videos. 

Seriously, if you aren’t satisfied then go fuck yourself with a hot steel tube, record it and watch it every time you feel watching an exploitive video. 

We are living in a society where most of the people feel sad for torturing animals and least bothered about a child who is sexually assaulted. But we have the finest laws and systems against child abuse that could release the number of child abusement and violence cases, the number of child rapes happened in a year but couldn’t hang those bastards as quickly as the numbers announced.

And there is one last number I want you to know, i.e. around 92000 calls received regarding child abuse to government helpline during lockdown within 11 days. Around 17000 children are abused every year as per the 2019 record. And all these numbers don’t include of-record cases.

Well, we got to understand that we came to a situation where the government alone can not make everything possible. We need to take a step ahead against this kind of things and make sure that your child, irrespective of gender, gets to know what is wrong with child pornography. Reduce the gap between you and children so that they can say what the other person is doing like be in the first place for your child to come and talk to you. Let them know what is a good touch and a bad touch. Most importantly, never ignore when a child comes and tells you about sexual abusement, even if the dearest people had done it to them. Check with your child whenever he/she is online surfing the internet so that your child is not in the hands of sexual predators.

I know this is so long, and to some, it might be annoying as well. But child pornography and child abusement are the least concerned. And I came up with this not because something had happened but, it needs to be pulled out so that many children can be saved.