Fashion influencers to follow for everyday styling

Hey Pals! Fashion- A word that sounds easy but quite tricky to follow. It’s okay. I feel you. Everyone wants to keep themselves stylish, but when we go and check-in for fashion ideas, most of the content that we get is not quite wearable. So, chill guys! I have done that work for you. Here, in this article, I have listed a few influencers for you who you can follow for some practical yet fashionable ideas.

Don’t worry! I am not going to say to follow any viral influencer. Listed down are a few influencers who have a great fan base not just over their fashion but also for their striking comfortable styling.

  1. Katie Jane Hughes
  2. Masoom Minawala Mehta
  3. Sindhu Gupta
  4. Prerna Chabra
  5. Abhignya Vuthaluru
  6. Siddharth Batra
  7. Tejeshwar Sandhoo
  8. Rowan Row
  9. Dhruv Madan
  10. Riaan J.George

Katie Jane Hughes-

A famous and mainstream make up artist. She is known for her exceptional make-up styling and tips. Apart from being a make up stylist, she also has a great fashion sense about western clothing. After following and studying her tips for quite many days and checking out many other artists, I feel that Katie Jane Hughes has the best fashion ideas. With her bright, brilliant, and on-point styling, she makes every dress possibly beautiful and exceptional. 

Masoom Minawala Mehta-

Based in India, Masoom Minawala started as a small fashion ideologist and aced her work in the fashion field. She has worked with many brands as an influencer because of her simple, cute, yet highlight styling. I personally prefer her ethic way of styling clothes with minimal essentials and make-up. If you are getting ready for any occasion, I suggest you visit her page and see her beautiful ideas before you plan to style your dress.

Sindhu Gupta-

A bubbly and beautiful woman with ideas to share about food, fashion, and styling: she shares cute styles for probably for women of every shape. If you are looking for some creative yet straightforward dressing ideas and tips, follow her. If you love food too, then you should just hop into her page.

Prerna Chabra-

Prerna Chabra is one of my favourite vloggers in India. She never fails to amaze us with her crispy and elegant fashion and styling ideas. She has some fantastic ideas about wearing ethnics and essentials for the same. You can follow her youtube channel for daily styling tips too.

Abhigyna Vuthaluru-

An Indian based fashion vlogger and Youtuber whose styling tips are the best if you are looking to wear minimal and yet look brilliant in your outfit. She has cool tips according to different variants and conditions. With her lovely and essential styling tips, one can easily ace the daily fashion looks. She provides tips for both men and women, so don’t even hesitate to have a look at her page.

Siddharth Batra-

He is a brilliant creator for tips on unisex fashion and makeup. I love his outfits and tips as they are sharp and quirky. I love how he keeps everything fun and energetic in his outfits. If you are someone who is just trying to be stand out in the crowd with your western outlook, go for his ideas.

Tejeshwar Sandhoo-

Tejeshwar Sandhoo is everything in a nutshell if it is about men’s fashion. He has the coolest styling ideas for men from shorts to suits. For a millennial man who loves experimenting, Tejeshwar has some beautiful fashion tips.

Rowan Row-

For everyone who thinks, men don’t actually have many fashion ideas to try, just check-in Rowan Row profiles and you will know it already. He is also exceptional at his formal clothes styling. For someone who loves formal, he is your go-to ideologist.

Dhruv Madan-

Casual, formal or semi-formal, Dhruv knows how to do them all. With his perfect touch of grooming, he has enough energy to his outfits to speak. 

Riaan J.George-

If you think white hair isn’t really a cool look to have, check Riaan J.George’s profile and you will deny it all. With his bold, quirky, and perfect styling ideas, he has won many hearts already. His work speaks for him more than anything. If sem-casual is your look, no one can do it better than Riaan.

We know fashion is a way of expression in this generation and if that how it ought to go, so be it. A little fashion won’t hurt, friends! But always remember, if fashion isn’t comfortable, then better keep it in imaginations than in life. 


Hey there! Here for some fashion news? Well, let me tell you I am probably not a #fashionishta yet can educate you on some serious fashion trends. Wondering how! Well, it’s kind of “teacher who teaches geography doesn’t have to wander with maps.” Jokes apart, let us get into the topic.

“Fashion”, a small word with a big world. It is like a loophole in which we try to move towards the ends but dwelve back to basics. To look on the brighter side, there is no end to it. We have new trend and new fashion everyday either a fusion or a moderation. No matter how farther we travel, we cannot the leave the basics behind. And with great designers around, we are able to bring up new style every other day. It makes me curious each time I think, what is it that keeps them inspired enough to bring up new fashion any time without boring us. Their inspirations might vary from a person to the other but my idiotic brain says, they look at the world with the vision of clothes and scissors. Whatever, all we need is something new so, let us leave it to them and focus on flaunting their designs.

When it comes to the designers, we find a lot of people out there working as designers and get confused on whom to follow. Fret not, I have come up with a list of desingers for you whom I personally admire and I believe make wearable fashion.

Most of us think of purchasing designer wear when it comes to weddings, but end up buying the same old lehengas from the store. But I will tell you how you can make it more beautiful. A little tip is you don’t have to buy everything from designers to make your attire look designer wear. You have to just follow them. You can count on Sabyasachi Mukherji, Abu Jani and Sandeep Koshla, Tarun Tahiliani and Ritu Kumar. From a classic Indian wedding to rustic wedding, these designers have presented us every type of wedding wear. Make sure you get your dresses customised and top them up with complimenting jewellery. Believe me you look no less than a celebrity. And yes, please do not forget to wear the important jewellery, the smile.

When it comes to flaunting at a party, we have Donatella Versace, Coco Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford who gave us lit fashion which can set a party on fire.

The ‘daily wear’ is just alot to talk about. Follow us to know more about this topic and let us know whom you personally admire as a designer in the comment section below.