Annoyance of submission, halting the progression!

What are we? What is our purpose? We don’t have answers for that! But what we are trying to do is to progress in life. And what is progression if you don’t move forward? Is time linear or circle? We don’t know for sure. But what is circular is your thought of mind. What you face, you return to that, and you become that again. Your sadness, it makes you come back to it, rot in it. Because I guess that is what it is! You get victimised, and you become the perpetrator either for someone else or for yourself. First, there is a catalyst, someone or something saddens you, making you rot in your dark hole. But for the next time, when you think that you are out. You somehow will start finding your way back to that stink, by hurting yourself for finding ways to get hurt once again. I want to call it emotional masochism, and you can consider the following article as my case study, maybe.

Foreword: Sometimes, I can’t help myself becoming too objective by treating everyone around me as subjects for my little experimentations and observations. Wish, I could stop that, but that helps me be objective when I’m faced with unexpected twists of life. So you can see that I’m using the word “I” a lot, to make it personal. Because this write-up is ‘me’ and telling ‘you’ directly about the things I’ve observed.

Case of Stockholm Syndrome:

We see ourselves submitting to a lot of things; cigarettes, coffee, tea, pleasure, control and sadness. Those last two might look odd one out, but no! Looking at multiple cases and subjects, I have come to the conclusion that there are people who submit themselves and love to be in someone else’s control. They can’t be judged for not sounding logical, because they have grown fond of that oppression; they need that. They need a dictator to control, abuse and treat them as property. 

I have seen many women get attracted to the ‘macho’, oppressive guys. Is it dad complex? Are they looking for someone to replace their overprotective dads? It sure is a probability! But regardless of what complex it is, few really return back to the very person who has hit them pretty bad. They also seem to get defensive when anyone tries to protect the girl from beatings. It’s almost like they are craving for that abuse. Is it not masochism? I never really thought we had so many masochists around us, but here we go, almost every 3 out of 5 women I have run into since my observation had begun were such masochists who crave to be submissive.

I was judgemental, and those words they speak always shock me. It’s not like they tell me directly, but their behaviour, it can be deduced to masochism. It is nothing but Stockholm syndrome because they seem to get a liking towards the abuser, and sometimes surprisingly miss the chokehold on their neck and spanking on the butt. 

Of course, the majority of the subjects whom I have seen suffering from this syndrome, are women, there are men too. Some men want to be controlled by very leading and manipulative women. They get attracted to the woman who validates their every move. These men cannot and will never dare to do anything without their pseudo-MAMA’s approval. No matter if you try to help them drag out, they find their way back to the claws of such dictators. 

Case of emotional masochism:

Now, this is a peculiar case, and I’m one of the subjects too. I can say the number of emotional masochists is a lot higher, and every 2 out of 5 humans are such. They don’t have anything, they are suffering from ‘normal-life’ syndrome. I was affected too, it is boring, and the boredom kills. We, the subjects, search for the meaning of life in different places, we find nothing, as there is nothing. But, we crave for depth, a character arc in our stories. We want our lives to not be flat and something that has a meaning, we are almost obsessed with this search. So much that we find the most comfortable way out.

Depression! No, we don’t have clinical depression, not at the beginning of course. But that is the climax of the path we head to. Somewhere in our life, we, the subjects understood that sadness can be easily achieved. In fact, it is the sadness that made us awake and coming out of it, we began this hunt for meaning. We had a purpose, some definition for ourselves when we were sad and loathing. We had reasons for being like this. We had everything to blame, and when we are not worried, there is nothing but ourselves to blame for things we do. 

A friend of mine hinted to me about this ‘addiction to get depressed’. I instantly got connected to it, I know that I’m heading that way. I already had clues about myself liking the sadness. When I’m sad, I feel I had some depth. It was when I’m messy and scratching the un-groomed beard that I felt like an enlightened being. It made me feel superior to others; like no one knows what I’m going through. It was false, everyone is going through their own shit and feels the same way. I only knew that I liked to get sad until I came out of the thought.

When I was sunk in it deeply, I had the tendency to surround myself with all the tragic news, sad memories, betrayals and overthinking. It took me months to recover from this sort of emotional masochism that I had become. I still find the remnant residual waste of sad-craving ideas in my mind. It cries “the moment is here for you to get sad, go cry” once in a while. I just try to divert myself or make jokes about it because it will run away. You can be a self-loathing sadness craving person almost at every corner, few have periods of such phases once in a while, and few are always craving for sadness. 

I cannot be a judge and say that this is ‘wrong’. If it gives them a purpose to live, maybe we should just let them be. But it is really annoying to be a consoling person for the guy who is emotionally masochistic. And also the guy who always tries to save people from abusive relationships. I have been both, and some people were annoyed consoling me when I was an emotional-masochist. You don’t need to stress yourself, give thoughts about them. Neither should you empathise and try to change them because they won’t. You can hunt them, but it is up to them to change. I changed because I want some other things in life. If you are one of those masochists and you feel like doing some other stuff, do change for the sake of yourselves. 

The minds of those have been burdened and tired, those who have tried to protect these masochists. They must have spent sleepless nights thinking they have to save these people. This is yet another problem, the saviour complex. This is not masochism but an equally irritating super-hero syndrome. But at least, these super-saviours don’t halt progression, they boost it but at the cost of their peace of minds. One thing I want to say to both saviours and masochists is that the progress of life is what we want. Being sad, being in an abusive relationship it makes you stay in the same place for too long. Too long that you almost waste your entire life before you even realise that you can do a lot more things with your life than getting choked or walking in a dark abyss. It takes you nowhere, that path is circular, a void where the end and the beginning are just a hole. All you need to know is that there is a hole, and you can just jump back to the world. Do not take the easy way out, you can do a lot of things with your life. 

Let’s talk about more submissive ideologies and phases in our next article. If you are familiar with more such humiliation-craving masochistic ideas to live, you can comment or mail us at

Unheard voice of Sold Bodies

My name is Snigdha. I was just 16 when I went missing and reached Mumbai, amidst the slaughters. I was sold when I’m still a daughter, forced to lie down on the beds of tyrants while I’m still dressed as a bride with shiny saree and wild makeup. Now I have a body that has neither identity nor destiny. These questions still play in mind even when I was like a corpse lying on the bed and played with fingers of rich around my body.
“Will I ever see my parents?
Will I ever get to play with kids on the street, especially with paper boats when it rains?
Will I ever get rid of the gaze given by people during nights when they cross the roads?
Can I be not auctioned for just a few rupees?
Will I ever be a respectful person?
Will I ever get rid of all this fucking shit and remain alive?”
And sometimes I do feel “If I weren’t there, there would be more poor girls like Nirbhaya and Asifa” – this is a small voice of a SOLD BODY that hasn’t been heard by many. Rather it is judged by many without knowing the actual reason for selling the body.
I guess you would have understood what the SOLD BODIES are referred to. If not here it is “The sold bodies related to the PROSTITUTES – women who are engaged or forced in sexual intercourse for money.

Here is my little suggestion for you:
“Every night, when you drive back home crossing that road where love is sold; cars slow down their pace and men look out of their windows to see the faces that have no identity.
That fucking stare gave by you towards them make their souls live in pain. They live as corpses when they are forced and prepared to do sex with the same ones who abused them.
But this time when you drive across the same road, slow down your cars but instead of staring take a moment and smile gently, that shows that you do care for them.
Because if you observe them, you can find a compassionate mother desperate to earn for her child. You will see them burn hopelessly surrounded by desperation and need; while their kids grow up, outside those shut doors.
You will see a girl who is still a little princess, whose body is shared with many where none has dared to share their surname.
You may not be in a place to help them out of that, but your gentle smile could make a little change for that night.”
Prostitution in India isn’t something new; it’s one of the oldest profession like other professions. Whether it is she who stands on the footpath or the one who uses technology to get in touch with customers share the same stories. Over millions of women are into prostitution, of which most of them are forced, i.e. trafficking.
We do have some laws related to prostitution:
Prevention of Immortal Traffic Act
Suppression of Immortal Traffic in women and girl act
Immortal Traffic Prevention Act
Despite all these laws, for every 3minutes, a girl is trafficked into sexual slavery, hardly 1% of them are being rescued.
We all know that we couldn’t change their profession since some of them choose it as their source of income, but we could change the attitude towards them. They do deserve RESPECT because only their bodies are touched but not souls.
And here is the thing I still don’t get it – “How do you cremate a body that has been constantly cremated from within?”
And to all the men, don’t be macho only in beds, be a gentleman who respects a beautiful heart rather than a used body.

Somethings need to be changed by SOCIETY not by GOVERNMENT alone.

“Shreya, an 8-year-old girl, is playing with other children, and suddenly a boy living next to her house came and said “Shreya, your mom went to the market and asked me to get you home. Come, let’s go home.” She said bye to everyone and went along with him. While walking back home, he pulled her off the road and asked her to remove the dress. Shreya, being shocked after listening to it stood without any movement. Irritated with her, he started shouting, and he pulled it by himself so forcefully that the buttons of her dress are scattered around. Then he fucked her so hard, he started beating her and felt so relieved after listening to the chocking and screaming of her out of pain. 

After this, he left her on the roadside and left the place. Shreya, unable to bear the pain left the world with her dress on the body that he pulled.”

Well, this type of news is seen every day in the newspaper, and it will go on the trend in social media for a day or two because it is child abusement. 

Have you ever thought “why these fuckers don’t leave the kids and why are the child abusement case registrations have never been on a downtrend?”

The children hadn’t flirted with them or exposed infront of them, but still, they are being abused sexually, tortured left in pain. Many of us still don’t know the reason where these bastards are getting motivated for doing these things. 

And recently I got to know about one such motivating thing, i.e. “Child Pornography”

Yes, child pornography stands first in the reasons why children are sexually abused or assaulted. 

India is one of the worlds biggest contributor and consumer of child abuse content. Kudos!! We are giving a good competition and standing front in the line.

Though child pornography is illegal and strictly prohibited across the country under section 67B, the recent data released by pornhub shows that there is a 95% increase in search for child porn in INDIA (especially during LOCKDOWN period). Of which there is a 150% increase in search for videos showing children tortured, bleeding, choking and where they are at high pain.

Monthly demand for child porn videos is 5 million across all the major cities in India, where Delhi, like suited at the top of the map stood in the first place. And 90% of the viewers are male. The ones who watch those videos tend to do the same. Because it’s human nature that, one should experience what the other had and so they do what they had seen, resulting in child sexual abusement, rape, assault etc. etc.

And what do we do!!

Post the news in social media make it a trend for a few days and will get back to it only when such an event happens again.

I’m not saying that it shouldn’t be a trend. It has to be a trend, but it needs to have such a meaning and worth outcome for making it a trend. And of course, we fail at it because we don’t have much concern. And after all, we haven’t been there.

Well, feel good that technology does play a significant role because people who upload the videos, use VPN’s so that it becomes to track ISP or location of them.

Like seriously man! What is so wrong with these people. For some time, let’s keep the ones watching the videos aside and talk about the ones creating them. 

How could you shoot a video keeping a suffering child who isn’t matured enough to know what she is going through in front of you? She is bleeding and choking in pain, damn it! How can this be so entertaining to you?

And the ones who are watching them are no lesser to psychos because they feel so good and refreshed after looking at a child who is bleeding, tortured, abused. And these people aren’t satisfied with generic videos that are uploaded and demand for more exploitive, violent, torturing videos. 

Seriously, if you aren’t satisfied then go fuck yourself with a hot steel tube, record it and watch it every time you feel watching an exploitive video. 

We are living in a society where most of the people feel sad for torturing animals and least bothered about a child who is sexually assaulted. But we have the finest laws and systems against child abuse that could release the number of child abusement and violence cases, the number of child rapes happened in a year but couldn’t hang those bastards as quickly as the numbers announced.

And there is one last number I want you to know, i.e. around 92000 calls received regarding child abuse to government helpline during lockdown within 11 days. Around 17000 children are abused every year as per the 2019 record. And all these numbers don’t include of-record cases.

Well, we got to understand that we came to a situation where the government alone can not make everything possible. We need to take a step ahead against this kind of things and make sure that your child, irrespective of gender, gets to know what is wrong with child pornography. Reduce the gap between you and children so that they can say what the other person is doing like be in the first place for your child to come and talk to you. Let them know what is a good touch and a bad touch. Most importantly, never ignore when a child comes and tells you about sexual abusement, even if the dearest people had done it to them. Check with your child whenever he/she is online surfing the internet so that your child is not in the hands of sexual predators.

I know this is so long, and to some, it might be annoying as well. But child pornography and child abusement are the least concerned. And I came up with this not because something had happened but, it needs to be pulled out so that many children can be saved.