Come and Date, the winter is here!

Desire to Date

Eager to explore me, I set foot into the world. I seek myself in reflections of other people. It is a trial and error method that I follow to know me. I explore people, see what they are and understand the differences between them and me. And that’s how I get to know me by removing everything that is not a part of me. And it is weird how I am desperate to know more people. It might be the winter, the season to date and romance.

It is almost as if I’m horny for conversations. Let me be modest; I’m horny too. I don’t know. I have never met some who claims themselves to be perverts, and people don’t speak these things out. So, I think I am a pervert, and I need to meet a pervert to see if I’m really one of them or maybe I’m different. And out of the angst and despair for being alone, I seek company.

I kept walking in this cold winter to find myself a good company. It is one night that I seek this company to know if this is what I want; trial and error. If the night felt warm enough, this is what I will have for the rest of my nights. Or at least, that was what my plan was when I began travelling. And after running into a couple of random people, I have come to know about this place. “Come and Date.” It is a pretty honest title for a site that allows its customers to date.

Come and Date

On second thought, I think they are selling their tasteless coffees and frozen french fries in the name of dating to attract young customers. But the winter winds and my lonely bed demanded me to check it myself. The board was short and straight; didn’t expect it to be this rushy. And it was filled with all sorts of people. And there was this guy who was looking at me with a smile on his face. I can never forget that smile. No one looked at me with this amount of light shining through their teeth when I walked in any door of my life.

He robotically came towards me. He handed over a menu which read ‘Single, Long distance, Horny, Playboy, Hit and Run’. “What’s hit and run?” I asked eagerly. “Oh! You are that kind. It’s been a long time” he sighed. “What is that type?” I asked, and he said “You avoid your emotional responses. You behavee like there is no connection between the people you sleep” he smiled. “I have never..” and he interrupted me with a big O shaped mouth. “You look twenty something. And you have never?” he asked. “It is what it is!” I said and gave a rather De Niro-ish expression to kill the awkwardness.

He looked at me curiously and asked “You wouldn’t dare! It is what it is?” he asked again, and I nodded. “Well, sir! In that case, you get a combo, you can try out everythign that’s on the menu” he signalled me to follow him inside. It was a dark room, and it reminded me of the interrogation room in Dark Knight. “Where are they?” I asked in a coarse voice. He laughed maniacally and asked me to sit down in front of a table. There was a lamp on the table, and yeah, I now felt like I’m in some torture room.

The torture room

He asked me to wait in the room, and he went out and clapped so hard. His clap killed the noise coming from different ladies. It was a relief to feel silence after a long time. “Ladies! There is a gentleman inside who have availed the combo pack! because” he paused looked at their faces. I can see his theatrics from the glass door. He looked like he was waiting for the drum roll. After a 30 second gap and an expression that looked like constipation, he finally uttered the phrase “It is what it is” he yelled.

The girls went gaga and formed a queue in front of the glass door. The first one in the row knocked on the door and looked at my face. It was quite awkward, but I signalled her to come in. She was feeling hesitant, so I initiated the conversation. “Hey,” I said, and I wish I told something more than that. She smiled, and her cheeks got red, she is blushing. I never knew someone would blush to look at me. “You are cute,” she said, and it pulled the strings of my heart. “My lonely nights are done, my arms can feel some weight on them,” I thought.

“Do you like pandas?” she asked curiously. That reminded me of Kungfu Panda. I began answering that question “Well, they are so cute..” I was about to finish as she interrupted me in the middle and held my hands. “Do you want to have sex with me?” She asked. I shook for the honesty, and I couldn’t say no, can I? “Of cou..” I was about to finish my sentence, but she looked at the entrance to cover her hesitation. A younger and bulkier dude walked in, and she stood up. She ran towards him, leaving me to sit in the chair like an idiot.

The Humiliation of a failed date

The next girl was not even looking at my face. She was looking all around the room and sat in front of me. She was looking at her nails, phone and everywhere else but not me. I couldn’t understand why did she even come in if she is not interested. I grew impatient, and I threw a Hello at her. She still kept looking at her phone. I threw in a second hello killing my ego. But the avoidance repeated. I grew impatient and, “Why are you even here if you are going to pretend like I’m not here?” I asked, and she gave me a cheap look. “Despo” she cursed, and she left.

Double Humiliation of a disastrous date

It was weird how I totally felt like a pervert for the first time in my life. And I wasn’t even behaving horny. The next girl, ah! she looks like a sweety she is smiling at me right from the entrance till she sat in front of me. She threw in a great hello, and it was warm. I greeted her, and we had an hour-long conversation, which made me forget there was a queue outside. I thought this one would warm my winter nights and maybe more than just one winter. “Let’s go to my place or yours, why to make them stand out while we both are going steady,” I said as I couldn’t hold it any longer. “Excuse me!” She gave me a cheap look”Did I say something wrong?” I asked as she stood up “I’m here for friends!” she yelled.

This blew my mind out. “But the board out there literally tells people to date,” I shouted. “Sorry, I don’t have such intentions” she yelled while leaving. I didn’t understand. Why was she standing in the line, and why did she wait to meet for me. Why did she talk with me more than an hour in a place that read “Come and Date” if she had no intentions? It was a horror show, and I don’t know If I can take any of them. I was genuinely afraid to meet the next person. But, my inner urge increased after looking at the queue. Maybe next one, I thought and called the next one in.

Prowess of Left and Right

This one was genuinely interested in me, and she kept talking to me. But I found no interest in her dialogue. I found the manual that is on my table more interesting than her. She was honest, open and looking for someone just like me. But I should like her, and only then can I really talk with her. She never gave the space for me to even speak. She was continuously speaking about her exaggerated adventures of early college days. Pretending to, listen, I kept on reading the manual. I understood that I possess some commands in here.

The manual says that if I yelled “left” the party sitting before me would walk away. I just want to try it, not because I want to hurt this person but I just her to shut up. She was talking about her days as a fellowship scholar as I shouted “left” and she left. I really liked it. Wish I would have read the manual before. The next person was about to sit, and I asked up straight “What are you here for?” She smiled at me warmly and said: “I’m looking for new friends.” I smiled back and shouted, “left”.

The Realisation

28 people came to a place called “Come and Date” to meet new friends. Are they really illiterate or just afraid to speak out about their feelings? They might just be looking for a filmy romance where two friends realise that they are in love. Or maybe they keep all these friends who always flirt them and the best flirter with the costliest gift or the one who impresses them the most wins their heart. I imagined a stage where the “just friends” princess was standing excited, and Alfred from Batman animated series was hosting the ceremony. “#BFF number 35, please come upon the stage for winning the heart of SweetyPrincess2179”.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I ran out, wept, and slept in my lonely room that speaks out gloominess. I feel embarrassing as I expect more of me as I thought I was self-sufficient. But here I go crying because of SweetyPrincess2179 who wants me to be a friend of hers to see would win the contest of flirtation. But I guess I’m out of the competition. I don’t think this is for people like me because I prefer honesty than this circus of constant impressions and flirtations. I would instead ask permission to kiss than fake my way to kiss.

If the price of being honest is eternal loneliness, so be it! Let me the Socrates of my Athens and drink the poison of loneliness to attain liberty from flirtation. But my heart still pulled me towards the joint. I just wanted to peep and see what’s going on. I saw that they renovated in a single day. They are now a 72-floor crowdy building, and I sat at the door, laughing. I was sweating from all the walking, and I lit a cigarette. My hair was messy and my shirt, smelly. The girls that go in are least of my concern. I don’t give a damn about what they think of me.

The Ultimate Resolution; the final date

After a smoke, right when I woke up to leave, I can smell a sweaty odour that was different from me. I turned back to check this messy person out, and it was a petite girl who looked intriguing. I don’t know why I just walked to her, and I liked how she was messy and natural. She didn’t give a fuck about impressions either. I don’t know why I said that, but I just went “How about a Mexican dinner? Taco and chill?” Now, this girl had never eaten a taco before, but she liked how I was raw, messy and most of all, direct. I understood how she liked me when I didn’t try to impress her. And I liked it when I understood why she liked me without even her mentioning of it.

“Why not?” she said. It was a relief, and I didn’t know that I could make it. We both left the area and started walking towards a Mexican diner. Now, I might come back here again, maybe it will take some time. But, I might, I don’t know. But while I was walking with her talking about tacos and movies, I never thought of coming back here. I felt like spending not only all my winters but also all of my monsoons and summers with her. And we walked into the diner while the sun just pierced the snows of winter.

The Tale Of Honest “YES”

Present-day 2:00 AM:

Nisha’s phone chimes as she receives a message. The message is from Munna. 

Munna: “Hey! I want to meet you today at our regular place. Got to say something important.”

Nisha reads the message, smiles and replies.

Nisha: “Sure Mun. Is 4 PM, okay? Will the King in the North be out of his bed? :P”

Munna: “Lol! If the queen of 7 kingdoms is calling, any king will come rushing :D.”

Nisha: “Hahaha! See you at 4 then.”

Munna: “Sure! Bye.”

Munna keeps his phone aside and blushes. His friend Sri comes, sees it and asks.

Sri: “Dude, It is time to log out, and you are still in the office with that blushy face? Is it Nisha?”

Munna: “Yes, we are going to meet tomorrow. I’m going to open up about my feelings to her.”

Sri: “Buddy, That’s awesome! That’s a huge step you are taking, and I’m very happy for you. It is time. Let’s go, or else we might miss the cab.”

Munna and Sri log out for the day and start climbing down the stairs having a conversation. 

Sri: “How are you feeling? Are you excited about tomorrow?”

Munna: “Yes, very excited! I don’t know how I’m going to tell, but I’ve got to say.”

Sri: “Awesome! What do you like most of Nisha?”

Munna: “The curious eyes that read my last message wording,

The excitement she got when she read that message, “we are meeting.”

The moment her hair curls in the air, 

The way she cares for me. 

The way she talks, 

The way she walks.”

Sri: Okay, Okay. Calm down Shakespear. I can see the feelings for her in your eyes, and I’m sure she will see it too. Good night buddy. I will be waiting for the happy news.

Munna and Sri sit in their respective cabs. Munna leans back and goes into the past when he first saw Nisha.

1 Year Back, morning 8 AM

It was the first day of the office for Munna, and as a 22-year-old who finished graduation, he was pretty excited. He enters the building goes to room number 104 as instructed and sits there. There are around 30 people in the room. He looks around the room and is awestruck at the most beautiful sight. He saw Nisha for the first time, and his heart skips a beat. Nisha was looking at her phone and smiling. Munna remained spellbound by looking at those expressive eyes and that innocent smile.

In the meantime, HR walks in and asks them to give an introduction. Munna is eagerly waiting to know the name. Then comes Nisha’s turn and Munna is at the peak of this enthusiasm and curiosity. Nisha stands up and speaks.

Nisha: “Hello. My name is Nisha. I did my Engineering in Computer Science. It is my first job. I love watching movies, series, and currently, I’m watching Naruto and Game of Thrones ( This was before season 8 :P). My hobbies include reading books, blogging and that is it.”

Munna is astonished and happy as Nisha shares similar interests. He always imagined various scenarios of talking to her and smiled like an idiot. A couple of months pass by, and Munna is just staring at her. 

She is like the Sirius A (brightest start in the universe) to his life of emptiness and darkness. They work under the same team and have formal conversations about work.

One day he gathers the courage to speak to her.

Munna: “Valar Morghulis.” How are you?

Nisha startles for a moment, smiles and says.

Nisha: “Valar Dohaeris.” I’m good, how are you?

Munna: “I’m good. I’m hungry, shall we go and grab something to eat? Probably Ichiraku Ramen?”

Nisha smiles and replies

Nisha: “Some other time, For now, the world shall know pain. Almighty push!”

Munna gets sad, turns back and starts walking. Nisha laughs, calls him and says

Nisha: “Dude! I’m kidding. Let’s go eat something.”

Munna squeaks like a child, and they go to grab a bite. It was the first official date in Munna’s life. He is having the best time of his life. 

As days pass by, their relation grew. They become best friends. One day they bunk their office to watch a movie the other day they go to a lovely dinner. A day doesn’t go by without texting each other. 

Munna’s feelings grew for Nisha. He feels incomplete when Nisha is not around. He always wanted to communicate with her. And he ever tried to express the same.

Present-day 3:15 AM:

The cab arrives at Munna’s house. He gets down, goes in and starts thinking about the evening. He tries to sleep but couldn’t. Finally, the time has come to meet. Munna gets ready and goes to the place. His eyes are searching for the arrival of his dream, and after a while, Nisha comes to the location.

The location is a garden with all the beautiful flowers. For Munna’s eyes, the most beautiful flower is talking to him and laughing at his jokes. He is on cloud nine. Finally, the moment has arrived. Munna holds Nisha’s hand and says

Munna: “Nisha, I have always wanted to say something to you. I couldn’t tell because I had a fear that I might lose you. Now no matter what, I want to express that. It always feels uncomfortable when you are not around me. It feels like a part of me is missing. In the ever-expanding universe, there is an infinite number of stars and self luminescent bodies. None match for the glow in your eyes. They might find the age of the universe one day, but they will never be able to calculate the amount of love I have for you.

If I don’t have you, life would be blue, and I would have no clue what is happening. You bring clarity to this messed up human. You bring a sense of completeness to this incomplete brain. I know the world is messed up, but if you are with me, it feels like I can face it. I want you to be the Hinata of this Naruto’s life. You are the moon of my life. That is all I know, and all I need to know. And if this is a dream, I will kill the man who tries to wake me.

I have much more to say, but I want to compress everything into three magical words that may seem common but are very powerful. I love you, Nisha. Will you accept my proposal?”

Nisha is in tears, she wipes it and says.

Nisha: “YES, I want to be the Hinata of your life. When I watch you, I feel strong, Like I can do anything, that even I’m worth something. Until the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, until the seas go dry, and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. You are my sun and stars.”

Both get very emotional and hug each other. They arrange a party for all their friends, and Sri walks in, congratulates Munna and says,

Sri: “Buddy, I’m very happy for you! I wanted to ask you something out of curiosity. What if she had Said no?”

Munna smiles and says.

Munna: “I would be delighted. If you truly love someone, and if they are happy without you in their life, you should let them go for their happiness. That is the meaning of true and honest love.”

We all have been there

This article is all about the weirdest situations that every person might have experienced with there partners in relationship.

  • Long-distance relationship is too hard.

When we deeply love someone and due to circumstances we need to stay away from them for certain period of time due to career and various other reasons. No matter how much technology is supporting for communication but we miss the real feel. But sometimes we need to sacrifice.

  • Accepting the changes

Love might have happened without any reasons sometimes but once it happens we face difficulties in adapting the changes comes through it. Being in love with them and Living with them are two different aspects. All we need to have to do is accept that change.

  • North pole – South Pole

In love marriage its different because you might have known the person. But in arranged marriages, we don’t get that opportunity to know them. You might like AR Rahaman others might like Ilayaraja. You like to watch Action movies and they might be interested in Horror movies. This difference is sometimes very good because you will know other tastes.Don’t be opinionist just understand there are different people with different taste and this difference is the beauty of your relation

  • Sharing our fears and limitations.

This is where men need to work. People go through beyond there limitations in impressing a girl. But once you set a bar such high it will be difficult to touch that daily. You need to make them understand your nature . If possible try to change accordingly if not be very clear about your limitations. Just tell them what are your priorities in life.

share your insecurites and fears with your partner. Tell them you are not okay with it. There is no rule that you need to force something in you when you cant.

Dear readers, i might be sounding as if i mastered my relationship so well. Infact i have been going thorugh the same situations. When i asked many of my friends they too convey me same problems.      We all have been there. Friction we go through in relation is the beauty of the relation if not there wont be any thrill in it.


Not the cliched Lover – Best Friend story!

  • By – Gayatri

It all started with friendship. Doesn’t it always? 😉

2008 – 8th class it was! The usual chattering, fun, teasing, and you know how the school is!

2008-2015 – We became the best of friends. It was a group of 6 best friends! Sounds like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, doesn’t it? 

Well, it was somewhat likewise too we had the sarcastic one, the fun guy and the uptight one like how they all say but we all knew we had each other’s back!

And in these years I didn’t realize I had my chandler next to me until he was getting fonder of Rachel. Yea, that’s my twist now.

He was going nuts over my best friend, but it eventually didn’t turn out well, and I became the superwoman to this chandler with my shoulder. So that’s when all the gut-wrenching and secretly loving my best friend turned out to be a for real.

Things are complicated, but only if we let them get complicated. Over a few months, he realized, ‘I have had Monica beside me all this while.’ and that’s when the actual Chandler and Monica happened!

It all started with a hug, a hug full of love, warmth and a promise of never letting go!

2016 – We were together!!! It was beautiful to realize what you have been waiting for has been along your side all this while! Best friends turned lovers, how cute and exciting! The best part is how we could just have the best of both worlds at once, you mad at your lover? Switch mode to best friend and talk from that perspective and vice-versa.

The first kiss, the first date, the firsts; I know how people talk about their firsts. But with us, funnily, we don’t remember any of our firsts even till date because that’s how lovely it was;  every meeting was like the first one but, a little more meaningful, every kiss was like the first one but a little more expressive, every fight was like the first one but ended with a bit more understanding.

Not that it was all sugar and roses, we had our downfalls, but we never let the ego ever come in between us, that’s another benefit of being best friends now, isn’t it? You give them a whack of a reality check, and they are back to their feet.

2018 – That’s when the short distance turned to long distance. Oh yes! It isn’t easy, primarily when you used to meet that person every day and now you must meet them virtually!

But those six months were the best wherein I was surprised with appearances and trips along with which came a lot of life lessons, which were learnt.

One of which was, ‘Long distance is more than video calls, they are about how you love & how long you can overlook everything unnecessary that asks you to let go; 

how at the end of the day coming back to the ‘i miss you’s’ makes you fall in love all over again and lastly, how the feeling of their longing presence looks all worth it with that hug when you meet them!

2019 – It’s funny, how we didn’t propose each other even till date but still ended up with what we have today! That special bond! It was still as strong as ever, and everything always felt like the firsts.

2020 – Here we are today! In a dilemma! Neither of us had thought this is how it would end! But with all the pain we still put up a smile on each other’s face because we realized more than lovers we longed each other’s friendship and that isn’t something we were ready to sacrifice for the world. He was a keeper, and I didn’t want to let go of him. But he was the crazy best friend who loved me too much that he was ready to let go of the lover because we knew that was the best for us. He was the one who would stand beside me through my worst and the best. I have seen his teenage stupid love and heartbreaks, but this was more than any of it. From being there as a shoulder for crying to giving me a lecture for something wrong, it was always him. And that idiot told me, ‘He would choose the best friend crazy over the unfortunate relationship drama that was meant to come, any day’. Sometimes letting go of a gem of a person feels like the burden of the Earth but realizing the worth of a real best friend over a lover is not to be overlooked ever.

It is the toughest, especially when you find both the lover & best friend in the same person. But circumstances and situations mould things in such a way that we don’t see the beauty of letting go right now but we will when the time comes and what we need always comes to us more than what we want.

So that’s when I realized why people say, ‘If you don’t ever want to lose your best friend, don’t fall in love with them’.

And for all the people who say that lovers can never turn into best friends? Once you realize they are the magic spell which you can’t lose or have otherwise, it becomes easier to let go off the lover because a real best friend always stays!

Will she ever miss me? – Part 2

I just shouted from the window” AAfreen.”
once after shouting, I moved past the window, mingled in the group of other students. There came a girl with burkha started searching for me here and there, but I was hiding, blushing.

There she was, Her face was shining like a diamond amid coal,
Her eyes were blinking like a star. I was just living that moment, in every bit of it she was there.

It was the generation of Facebook, I just searched ‘AAFREEN” in the search bar and sent the request. I remember that day, I was literally opening facebook for every 15 min throughout the day. I can’t express the anxiety which I had on that day in words.

A day passed, in the wait of friend request acceptance. I just thought” if this is my state of nerve for facebook request, what happens to me if I propose her?”I thought she won’t accept my friend request. I better sleep at least let’s not waste the night.

At 1.30 AM a notification blink on my phone and I woke up suddenly there was a notification .”Aafreen Shaik” accepted the friend request.
I was fully active, my every bit of sleep has vanished. I just saw whether she was online, but she was offline.
But don’t know I couldn’t message her in the night.
I was just happy, somehow my Facebook request has been accepted. I slept with that satisfaction.

When I found out who she was, it was accessible to find out which bus she came from and all that general information.
I remember, its Sunday, I felt she might be online, even though if she is not she will see my message and reply back to me.
At 9 AM, I messaged her, “Hai. This is Suraj, Civil Engineering, 4th year.”
The same circle of anxiety begins, every 15 min, I was stalking my own phone.

While I was eating my lunch I heard a notification sound, I ran to my phone leaving lunch to see who it is, but it was just a random notification.
My family saw me as if I am some mentally disturbed person.

At last at 7 PM I got a reply from Aafreen-“hai”.
My phone was under my radar 24 x 7, so there was no scope of missing any call or message.

I had a chat with her,
me- hai? How are you?
Aafreen- I am fine. How about you?
I replied-I am good. Do you know me?
Aafreen- yeah, of course, you were student coordinator to the annual day celebrations right.
Me- yeah, I never thought you could remember me from it.
Aafreen- I don’t remember you from it. I once met you regarding my cultural performance. My friends and I came to you regarding the time slots of our performance.remember?
[me to myself- really bro!!! How could I miss her man? damn. @#$#!#!#(censor)]
me-yeah.. got it.
(I literally don’t remember a single bit of it)
Aafreen- how come you have sent the request to me?
me- I just got it from the friend suggestions, I remember your performance I was at the backstage. So just sent the request casually.
(me to myself–you suck man…)
Aafreen- oh ok.
Me- Aafreen, forgot to congratulate you on your performance.
You were stellar.
Aafreen-Thank you.
Me-ok what else?
Aafreen- ok I gotta go. Bye

I just felt blockage when she left abruptly. I waited for her to come online.
She was offline for 3 days.
I used to check her Facebook every hour every day.

She once came online, I messaged her, and I couldn’t get a reply for it. I was totally disheartened due to that.

We chatted once in a while,
But she was replying for my 2 days ago message,
I was replying back to her within seconds. My ego was not at all, accepting this.
I decided to tell her my feelings about her.
So I just messaged her, ” Can I meet you directly in college? Need to talk.”
She replied back at night ” why?”
I just said,” I want to confess something to you.”
She asked,” confess, really?”
I said” Yes.”
She asked,” do we really have to meet?”
I said,” if possible, if not, I can confess it through Facebook.”
She replied,” it would be better for both.”
I said” ok.”

I messaged” I am in love with you, Aafreen, maybe love at first conscious sight.”

Hold On!

By – Samhitha Dulam

At the times when I thought
people can't be together and could
quickly leave each other just by 
saying a phrase "we can't do 
this any more.","we aren't meant to 
be.","It's all over." and many 
more. I heard this through the darkness.

My love!!! If you can, please HOLD ON;
We have to make sweet memories, 
As sweet as Rasgullas, that you always loved!!!
We still have our DREAMS to be filled,
Like the way, you filled your tummy with yummy chocolates!!!
We still got to laugh at rumours,
Like the way, we laughed watching TOM & JERRY!!!!
Listen!!!! If you can, Please STAY!!!!
We still need to make a wish looking at the shooting star,
Like the way, we wished for an extra laddu after puja!!!!
We need to travel a long distance together,
Like we ran home after school with marks by pens and pencils, 
yet felt so cool of those marks!!!!
My love.....Listen!!!!
Old wounds will be healed with time,
The changing times will teach a lesson each time,
The dew drops from your eyes
 will soon make an ocean of happiness with 
changing times,
The broken shards of your heart will be mend by your self-love!!!!
Can you HEAR me, MY LOVE?
I only need you to do all these....only YOU!!!!
Hold on!!!! We have got a long life to live TOGETHER.
And I promise I'm going to make it all right this time!!!
I can no more fight alone, and 
I know I'm not that strong without you!!!
If you can, please HOLD ON;
If not, try to COME BACK soon!!!
I heard it, and I came back. 
Then I am living happily ever after, 
with MY SOUL, that gave me hope and made me strong!!!!