Before death came – PAST LIFE REGRESSIOn

Argh! The headache is buzzing my mind,

Can’t even walk down the street;

Broke the glasses that were around,

One of them was Mayas’ favourite;

Do you even know the expense ­to mend?

What was the fault of my glass?

Out of your annoyance, I am about to distend,

Chill! Let’s talk and solve your problem;

Sorry and Thanks, but I can fend,

Nothing a good sleep cannot heal;

“I love you, but I have to do this, friend.”

A voice was constantly echoing in my sleep;

Go on; you need not contend,

Thank God, Maya got you here in time;

My head is breaking and I can’t pretend,

Bring up the treatment without any delay;

Your condition has been scanned,

Couldn’t see any cause for the headache;

There is something I intend,

Past life regression therapy can help;

Of course, if so you recommend,

Make yourself comfortable and relax;

Walk deep into your memories as I make snap sound,

As you say Doctor Krithika;

One, two, three..You are in the past life’s end,

I can’t breathe, please help me;

My head is spinning and spinning around,

Please take yourself to the time before this;

Maya, before my Mom calls me to run her errand,

Let’s go play near the statue of Ambedkar;

Hey, Little girl, come here, give me your hand,

Who are you? Why should I give?

I love you, but he will kill my Mom, friend,

Maya took my hand and gave it to the man;

He smiled creepily and yelled at me to turn around,

I heard him unzipping, and he pulled it out;

He strangled my hair and forced me to the ground,

When I woke up, all I could feel was a breeze.

When I woke up, all I could feel was a breeze.


What a beautiful rain!

I would love to see it again;

How much ever I feel the drops,

I just cannot get enough of it;

To the flowing water in the canal,

How do I communicate with you?

Ever heard of a Paperboat?

A voice came from behind;

Ah! Not really? Is it fun to do?

Too much that you can’t get tired;

Woah! I am already mesmerized,

But how do we make it?

Who invented the paper boat?

Too many questions for a toddler,

But yes innocence is the cause of invention;

Will you show me how to make it?

Of course, I would love to make one for you;

Thank you so much, do it quick,

I would love to see it soon;

Tell me one thing before that,

How come you don’t know about it?

Are you not from the village?

No, I am from the place where it stinks;

Factories and vehicles working all time,

Humans walking like pre-set robots;

Again, too much for a toddler,

So much frustration at his age;

Frustration doesn’t know age mister,

Counteracts anyone at any point of time;

Woah! Your words are no less than a knife,

Who are you anyway, Ms. Frustrated one;

You could call me Anamika,

If at all you must know my name;

Okay Ms. Anamika, here is your paper boat,

Wohoo! It looks great. Can you make another?

We have to make a deal then, I think,

Huff! Deals are pathetic, but, okay for boat;

I live to the other side of the canal,

We shall talk daily through the paper boat;

You are proposing we must be friends,

Anyways, I owe you for making me the boat;

Okay then, far I go, behind those thick trees,

Will be sending you paper boats every day from now;

Bye, Mr. Stranger meet you soon,

At least in the letters, if not in flesh and face;

“Dear Anamika, How are you there?”

I hope all is well and you are having fun;

Came a paper flying towards him,

While he was sending the letter through the canal;

“A little girl got killed in the fight with big guys,

The Wonder Environmentalist- they called her,” it read;

Ms. Anupama, Age-12, there was a picture,

He was shook and terrified when he saw it;

The article was from the news two days back,

He couldn’t understand what was happening;

Then a paper boat came flowing in the canal,

The paper was coloured red and black;

When he saw the letter, it was written,

“You are not much of a newsreader, are you?”