Never too late to see a way out of a troubled marriage!

By – Gayatri Agarwal

Woke up with the love of my life;

 It looked like a dream to be his wife;

 One year into the marriage;

 And we were blessed with a baby boy in our carriage.

 Two years down the lane;

 The love started to fade away;

 Was he the same man, I couldn’t even say.

 Over the years;

 Domestic violence & abuse were raining over;

 It was like a complete turnover.

 The child who was in my womb for nine months;

 Was now the only hope in front.

 Eight years into the marriage and my dreams crashed;

 Now hope felt like trash;

 That’ when I decided I couldn’t take it anymore.

 Hid it from my family;

 Thinking they would never understand my story.

 Finally, when I broke the news of violence to them;

 They became my biggest support system.

 This marriage was now a ban;

 The trauma of my kid going away with that man;

  will never fill the void;

 But now I can at least look at myself without being paranoid.

 Looking back at the lessons that life has taught me;

 It seems like being bold, independent & strong wanted some fee.

 For people in an unhappy marriage;

 Don’t keep quiet in shame or fear;

 For that is definitely not a life you deserve.

 I’m proud to be where I am today;

 Because now, I have finally come out of the grey.