So What? After All, It Is A Girl.

A woman gets pregnant and goes to a doctor,
The woman doesn’t know that her husband is a monster.
He insists on knowing the gender of the fetus,
If it is a girl child, the regret will be instantaneous.

The doctor does it for money knowing the fact it’s against the law,
If it is a girl child, she hunted like an eagle with a killer claw.
It was a girl child, and the mother is very happy,
But the husband’s mentality is very crappy.

He decided to kill the child in the mother’s womb,
Her own mother’s womb became her tomb.
The mother begged and cried her heart out,
But she is a woman, and no cared her tears shout.

Few girls survive and come to this world of patriarchy,
She doesn’t have rights in her life; her opinions are malarkey.
Even abused or assaulted she must be regressive,
When there are opportunities, her thinking must not be progressive.

When she doesn’t accept a proposal, she is a whore and a slut,
She may dislike one who proposed, but the mouths won’t shut.
She dresses the way she likes, and parties society says is inviting rape,
We educate on consent, but the mind of the people won’t shape.

To go out, she has to carry pepper spray, scissors etc., almost a kitchen,
We succeeded to keep her within the kitchen. We must never be forgiven.
In matrimony, we see ads like fair complexion, well behaved,
Those never think to check if their son is evolved.

They are not demanding special rights or powers,
They are just asking to not to look at them with monstrous eyes.
They are not asking for female-dominant society,
They are asking freedom from the clutches of patriarchy.

Never restrict your girl child to be under oppression,
Always tell her to project her expression.
Teach your boy child to respect everyone,
So that tomorrow he doesn’t go and abuse anyone.

The Gamble Of Precious Lives.

The ongoing discussion in India is about JEE and NEET exams. As there is a pandemic around the world, people have divided themselves on conducting or postponing the exams. But are we debating on the correct premise? Let’s find out.

Let us rely on numbers and data as they don’t lie. They say the facts whether we like it or not. Total medical seats in India are 1,18,316 in which, NEET marks allocate 85% of them and 15% by management quota. The total number of JEE seats are 39425 in which there is no management quota.

If you look at the number of students applied for JEE and NEET, the seat to student ratio is out of the roof. The number of seats available under NEET for 2020 is 76,928 for which a whopping 15.97 lakh students have enrolled. By the math, approximately twenty-one students are competing for one seat.

Same goes for JEE, the total number of seats available are 12,463 for which 8,58,273 have applied. So approximately seven students are competing for one seat. So if we combine both the streams, around 23 lakh students won’t get admission for NEET or JEE.

According to the official government websites of NEET and JEE, over 85% of students have downloaded their admit cards and are ready to give the exam. These are the numbers and the official data we have as per government and news channels.

If we look at the other side of the numbers, the situation is terrible, according to the same government data, 28 students commit suicide every day! Most of them are due to academic-related issues. The 2014-18 period saw a 26% increase in suicides compared to the previous five years.

The increase rate of seats and colleges is a snail walk compared to the number of students enrolling to write the examination. By the above numbers, 23 Lakh students are risking the lives of themselves and their family members to attend the exam.

The new education policy is a ray of hope in the darkness. If implemented correctly, it paves the way for the betterment of the next generation in all the aspects. It reduces the gap between getting trained and getting educated.

In the end, we needed a pandemic to realise the importance of the health of our future generations in physical form. Even now, we are not caring about their mental health. If we had the right debates and requested the government to increase colleges and improve our education rather than pointing out at the student and killing them mentally, those many precious lives would not succumb to educational pressure.

Awareness And The Crimes Caused By Lacking It.

By – Mourya Koundinya

In the world of 7.2 billion people and counting, there are at least 7.2 billion perspectives on how to lead a life. Life in such a way that you enjoy your freedom and don’t hurt others. In reality, Some of them are universal qualities like not committing any crime, treating everyone equally, awareness of the situation so on and so far. There are a few things which are not given the importance they should be given. The reason is that people think it will be learnt as days go on or in the spur of the moment. One of the thing that is not given such importance is awareness. Today let us discuss scenarios in which lack of awareness led to very tragic and bizarre incidents. The extremity is so high that lives are lost.

What is the meaning of awareness? Awareness means “knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.” In other words, knowing what is around you and acting according to it. Awareness of a situation helps you and the people around you to analyze the situation and act accordingly. You cannot go to a funeral and laugh there.

Similarly, you cannot go to a birthday party and cry. It makes you and the people around you very uncomfortable. The following are the three scenarios which happened in India due to lack of awareness or ignoring it, which has changed a few lives forever.

On June 15, 2020, A 19-year-old girl was thrown out of the bus and lost her life in Mathura Uttar Pradesh. She was suspected of Covid-19. She fainted due to heat and exhaustion, prompting the bus driver and conductor to believe that she was infected with the coronavirus. She then died due to cardiac arrest once thrown out of the bus. In this scenario, the lack of awareness of the diseases took away a precious life.

On June 19, 2020, a woman was raped on a moving bus in Uttar Pradesh by the conductor and the driver. In which a dozen passengers were on board. This is the 21st century, and it happened in India, where women are believed to be treated like a goddess. The people are not aware that rape is not consensual. It hurts women physically and mentally. I think in this scenario, along with the culprits, those people should also face the law. They must be given some punishment.

On June 23, 2020, Two men named, Jayaraj and Bennicks have lost their life due to police brutality. This incident shook the nation to the core. Their crime was that their shop was open post permitted time. According to the locals, it was open for a few minutes. In this scenario, the police were not aware that you could educate the public by giving information about the pandemic and could have asked them to close early. But they instead showed their brutality and two precious lives were lost. By lacking awareness, you can never make the right call for the situation. This is the best example of this.

In the end, if you are doing something without the awareness of the situation. By that, if it is affecting the life of anyone in a wrong way, then you are no less than a criminal.