A new costume in my closet

What a moral is more than just an outfit? It is as simple as changing a dress. The randomness of events allow you to justify any reason and make it look right. You can even gain support for your justification if it is done right. Because all justification needs is form. Put it in the right form, you can even write articles justifying Hitler’s horrific acts. That’s how sensitive and easy to manipulate events are. If you can fabricate anything into anything how valid do you think your morals are?

You believe certain things, you stand out for them. You believe it harder and through belief you begin justifying them. You might fail, but you will try. You might be laughed at but you will become more stubborn towards your belief. One fine day, you will have enough words and proper form to place your belief in a logical way. Once you justify your beliefs in the proper form, the form enough attracts support from people with similar minds.

People with different minds begin to think of it as it sounds justified. Now a new perspective occurs. That’s how easy it is to change one’s morals. How funny it is to believe in a particular thing and stand for it? You believe that you are an animal lover, you are against captivating animals in pet stores. Hence you choose not to buy a pet. But times have passed, you had to buy a pet, now you have to fight with your belief that you are an animal lover.

Would you rather give up on your belief and adapt to buying the pet or will you justify yourself still as an animal lover? You can do both. You can tell yourself that you are liberating the animal from captivity. You can still be the hero you believe. Because it is everything about what you believe. Tell someone enough that they are a narcissist, maybe they will become one.

Having any belief can be justified. I’m not trying to say that everything is true, in contrast, nothing is true. I like how Assassin’s Creed uses “Nothing is true, everything is permitted”. Yes, indeed it is true. And it forms a truth paradox if it is true of what is true if nothing is true? Is the statement nothing is true false? If it is false? Is everything true, then again, if everything is true, then the statement becomes true too.

If not ‘everything is true’ and not ‘nothing is true’, then there is just something that is true and something that is not. What is the quantitative measure of truth and how do you judge it? If you judge it by mere feeling, it is irrational and not objective. If you judge it by form, well, as discussed above, everything can be fit into form. So the very notion of true and false belief is an invalid and self contradicting theory constructed psychologically. 

When what you strongly believe and justify becomes true/untrue why do we even bother with such a judgement? Why do we worry constantly about what belief is true and what is not? What does it matter if it isn’t true as long as you can change your beliefs as quickly as you change clothes.

I witnessed a change in my body
I see that I don’t fit in my dress anymore
I go back to my room
I found a new costume in my closet
Just waiting for me to wear it


Small town girl;
With so much enthusiasm & gleam;
Being a part of the big city was her dream.
Her innocence was a charm;
And with a heart so warm;
She held her head high;
& was ready to take over the sky.

With a beam of Hope;
& talent beyond par;
She was now ready with her guitar.
Every door she knocked;
Every recording she got;
Her singing was spot on.

But little did she know;
There’s very less respect for talent;
Because the world is corrupt & fraudulent.
The ones who recognized her talents,
Were kept under the light;
For only riches & good looks were right

The struggles never stopped her;
For she was taught;
Every fight is to be fought;
Because her dreams were to be caught.
In between the dreams, talent and fights;
There was a time when she left the void;
She felt she has always toyed.

The braveheart who fought for her dream;
For six years;
That morning was in sorrow & tears.
The unkind, filthy hearts was not where she belonged;
For sharing happiness & love was what she longed.
That morning, we all lost another star;
Now she was gone too far.
Her last words said:
‘If you are going to cling to a dream
Always remember;
Hope is a funny thing’.