My family is banned and here is the reason!

By – Samitha Dulam

Yes!!! My name is TIK TOK. My 58 family members, along with me are banned from INDIA and said so many reasons for it.

Here is the list of my family members



UC Browser

Baidu map


Clash of Kings

DU battery saver



YouCam makeup

Mi Community

CM Browers

Virus Cleaner

APUS Browser


Club Factory

News dog

Beauty Plus


UC News

QQ Mail



QQ Music

QQ Newsfeed

Bigo Live


Mail Master

Parallel space

Mi Video Call – Xiaomi


ES File Explorer

Viva Video – QU Video Inc


Vigo Video

New Video Status

DU Recorder


Cache Cleaner DU App studio

DU Cleaner

DU Browser

Hago Play With New Friends

Cam Scanner

Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile

Wonder Camera

Photo Wonder

QQ Player

We Meet

Sweet Selfie

Baidu Translate


QQ International

QQ Security Center

QQ Launcher

U Video

V fly Status Video

Mobile Legends

 DU Privacy

After seeing my family list, many of you have thought “Did we even use all these apps?” 

Yes, you used all of them, and I’m the most used one along with my two eyes “Ucbrowser” and “Shareit”.

Well, many of you know me so well like, who am I? Why most of the Indians loved me? How I became so popular and made many people famous in the name of TikTok stars!!

But do you know this!!!! I have all your data, and I don’t store it in India. Because I haven’t promised and I use this data for making crores of money. Because there is fun in using someone’s data for increasing bank balance.


You morons! You weren’t even aware of it. So pity of you!!

I encouraged all of you, not because of your talent but for my greed. Haven’t you ever felt that how people can watch your crazy faces and your so-called lip-syncing videos? I felt so bad for providing a platform for such people. But thanks to you! In the end, I got what I needed…..My bank balance is increased!!!

Let me tell you a point that many of you have missed.

You know…..there is a law in China called “China’s National Intelligence Law ” which says

If China needs data from Chinese companies for any security reasons, then they can’t say NO, even if it is private data of the user.

And one of the features of Apple iOS 14 caught me while snooping on its clipboard. 

Once The Head of Tik Tok in India told in an update that, I had democratized the internet, and a long sentence, I couldn’t even remember it because it doesn’t make me money!!

As usual, you followed what was told without giving a single thought. Tell me how did you use the word democracy? While “I decide what you have to watch, how your video should be uploaded, what languages need to be included, and I have the right to delete videos if they talk negatively about China and many things”. Tell me, my poor friend, how can you call me democratic.

don’t have a separate algorithm for kids like Youtube, Netflix and many other apps. I allow all the people to use me and create videos that include abusing, adult content and many things that kids shouldn’t do or see at that age.

Over 120 million Indian users ignored all these features for years. I guess because of this lockdown; people found time to find my loopholes. Finally, they saw, and they banned me. It’s so sad man!! I couldn’t have any of your private data and your videos that had no meaning apart from overacting. I will miss you!!! 

Let me tell you about the stories of family members. I know you are mostly not interested because they are neither famous nor exciting like me. I will make their story as a simple one.

They ask for accessing your photos and media files though they have no work to do with it, apart from collecting your data. And like a dumbass you give all the access!!

Some of them don’t even ask for permission to use your GPS location!! They directly take it and monitor all your movements. But you will never know that, that’s the magic in their algorithm!!!

Some of us….mostly favourite for girls, don’t even follow custom rules of your country while delivering products which makes the country to lose its taxes.

One of my two eyes “Ucbrowser,” is so popular because it helps you to see pirated videos of movies, allows you to watch porn videos though they are banned. I think you don’t know this fact!!! It also has all the information you see in incognito mode!!! Hehehehee!!!! So pity of you people!!! 

Still, there are many things to say, but I guess these are least required for you to understand who we are.

And to be honest, I already lost 6 billion dollars because of India’s ban on my family and me.

Meanwhile, one of the family members escaped this ban, and it’s none other than PUBG, which is not just a game but an emotion for many of you. Because he is not one of us, he has just adopted for his popularityBlue hole company, South Korean organisation (that developed PUBG game from PC game to Mobile game) just made a Joint venture with Tencent games as per china’s rules and regulations which made it as not a pure Chinese app. And so it is still living in INDIA.

I hope we can see each other again if India also makes Joint ventures like china make before a foreign company launches its app, thereby having transparency over accessing and usage of users private data.

May we meet again!!!!

Why, Father? Why?

By – Gayatri Agarwal

The first week was up,
You were so excited;
That month,
Lullabies were all you recited.
My mouth had now developed,
I thought
I was like your small gift in an envelope.

Month two was on the go,
Mom knew now my heart was to fully grow;
And it belonged to you all,
Including my elder bro.
It was all I had to give for now,
But little did I know;
My heart had now started beating slow.

Clasping those unformed arms & legs;
I realized,
The girl in me was not your pride.
Why Father? Why?
Couldn't you hear my mute cry?
Even before I could open my eyes,
you proved genders don’t equalize.
In my last breath,
all I do is wish you happiness,
Because showing no humanity is a sign only of weakness.