Find out what’s your lucky number!

“Hey! Anitha,

I am pleased to inform you that you are going to get all the good luck soon!

Do you know? I have been dreaming about you for three days now. We don’t even know each other, but I saw visions about you in my dreams. You were happy, rich and filled with the treasure of everything you ever wanted in your life. I was so pleased to see it.

Then I thought Anitha; this vision came to me for a reason. It found me so that I can make it possible for you to receive the fortune ultimately. This is yours, Anitha. You deserve it, all of it and I am here to make it possible for you to receive it on time—enough of the bad and sad days you had. You are in debt of money, and this fortune can lead you to the happiest part of your life. Imagine what all you can do with the money and wealth. You can build a mountain. You will soon receive a check Anitha. All you have to do is accept my invitation and request to connect with you. Click here to read the full message. I am here to help. Please let me take you to your good fortune.”

Ben: Mary, please send this message to given e-mail Ids. But do not forget to change the name of the person. I have just written this one as an example. Also do not forget to add the CTA(Call to action) as Connect with me personally and get the complete wealth at just 20$.

Mary: But Ben, the same message for everyone, do you think it will work?

Ben: I am quite sure of the idiocy of people, Mary.

Mary: How are you so sure about it?

Ben: Okay. I will tell you a small story.

“This story happened a few years back. There was a girl who was in search of job and money. She was very desperate about getting settled. Though she applied for many jobs, sadly, she didn’t get calls from good companies. The girl used to check her mailbox every day in the hope of a call from a good company. She even asked many friends for help. One day, in conversation with a friend, she said, “Man! I am not getting any job. I got so many awards and so much appreciation while I was at college. But I don’t know what happened to me now!” The guy replied, “Hey! Why don’t you go to a fortune teller so that he can help you get some good luck?”

She doubtfully asked, “Do you think that can help?” He said, “Of course! See, I wasn’t feeling well last year, and my mom took me to a fortune teller, and he said that I would be fine this year and gave me this stone of luck. Look, I am fine now!” So the girl agreed and started searching for fortune-tellers online. She saw something called ‘Christin fortune telling-Get your luck spell for exams, career, life, marriage, love, sex and money.’ When she opened that site, she saw a questionnaire and after filling that she got her spell. She tried it for a few days, but it didn’t seem to work. One day morning, she woke up dizzy and opened her mailbox. And her eyes suddenly started glowing. There it was! The e-mail she was looking for. 

“Eureka! You won billions of money. Just get in contact with me, and this complete money can be yours for sure. All I want is for you to have this luck and all you need to give me is just 10$.” The girl started screaming in joy, and she replied back immediately. She checked out the amount and came in contact with the fortune teller. The fortune-teller asked her to do a few things on a daily basis to be able to win that amount. The girl agreed and listened to whatever the fortune teller had to say. Each day in desperation and hope, she kept doing whatever has been said to her and years passed by.”

Mary: Oh, my God! What happened to that girl later? Did she get the money?

Ben: You didn’t ask the girls’ name, by the way!?

Mary: Yes! Who is it? And how do you know all this?

Ben: It is the girl that’s standing in front of you right now; it is me.

Mary: Whhhhhhhaaaat!? Seriously?

Ben: Yes. Sadly or LUCKILY!

Mary: Can’t believe it. By the way, what was your friends’ health condition that was treated?

Ben: Oh! That fellow had anaemia.