So What? After All, It Is A Girl.

A woman gets pregnant and goes to a doctor,
The woman doesn’t know that her husband is a monster.
He insists on knowing the gender of the fetus,
If it is a girl child, the regret will be instantaneous.

The doctor does it for money knowing the fact it’s against the law,
If it is a girl child, she hunted like an eagle with a killer claw.
It was a girl child, and the mother is very happy,
But the husband’s mentality is very crappy.

He decided to kill the child in the mother’s womb,
Her own mother’s womb became her tomb.
The mother begged and cried her heart out,
But she is a woman, and no cared her tears shout.

Few girls survive and come to this world of patriarchy,
She doesn’t have rights in her life; her opinions are malarkey.
Even abused or assaulted she must be regressive,
When there are opportunities, her thinking must not be progressive.

When she doesn’t accept a proposal, she is a whore and a slut,
She may dislike one who proposed, but the mouths won’t shut.
She dresses the way she likes, and parties society says is inviting rape,
We educate on consent, but the mind of the people won’t shape.

To go out, she has to carry pepper spray, scissors etc., almost a kitchen,
We succeeded to keep her within the kitchen. We must never be forgiven.
In matrimony, we see ads like fair complexion, well behaved,
Those never think to check if their son is evolved.

They are not demanding special rights or powers,
They are just asking to not to look at them with monstrous eyes.
They are not asking for female-dominant society,
They are asking freedom from the clutches of patriarchy.

Never restrict your girl child to be under oppression,
Always tell her to project her expression.
Teach your boy child to respect everyone,
So that tomorrow he doesn’t go and abuse anyone.

Why not a baby girl?

When someone is married, the next mission of the couple is to give birth. A couple shouldn’t have any other thoughts rather than giving birth. Go hell with their bonding, marriage life and financial stability. When it comes to the matter of birth, choice of gender has a lot of influence as if they are responsible for making it.

In the same land we live, do you know a newborn baby girl is killed by stuffing rice in her mouth due to breathing suffocation. A girl child is killed on June 22nd 2020, A girl child was killed by her grandmothers(both mothers of parents) by throwing her into well, and the sad part is her mother was convinced to do it.

This is the latest case that had happened I quoted, and It’s been arising from many years. Even though in this 21st century, People deeply crave for boy child in their deep shit brains. When I studied many cases regarding female infanticides, the sole reason was the economic burden to raise a girl.

If you think dowry is the cause of this thinking its “NO”. In India there are many cases where Bride and her family forcibly give dowry, and also Grooms are marrying without a dowry.

No, dowry and financial burden are not the reason.

The real mistake is in inferior thinking towards the female community. the real problem is we don’t let them fight, and we complain about them as weak. You should let your ladies fight in this world. If you treat them as fragile, you start fearing due to them which ultimately don’t make you want them.

If you are feared that someone will harass them, Train them in self-defence.
If you feel that someone will ask dowry to marry your daughter tell them that your daughter is equally able to their son.
If you think that she has to depend on her husband’s money, make her educate and self-reliant.
If you feel that she will elope with someone she loves without telling you, then give her freedom of speech and freedom to live.

I could give you millions of examples that can tell you about how ladies are outperforming your so called “VANSH KA CHIRAAG”. but issue is all about the co-existence.

Lastly, stop treating woman as if they are some jewel or treasure that you need to take care of, and you need to provide security to them. They are not your social status symbol. They are the reason for the existence of the world.

This small change in you can bring a difference in the community.

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”


Death came sooner than life

When I woke up, all I could feel was a breeze,

Calm and serene, Peaceful and Cool;

Winds howling with the only noise of their flow,

Laced with the honey, they were sweet;

Reminds me of my mothers’ fragrance,

Wish I could run into her arms and feel warm;

Where is she? I find no trace of her,

Mommy! Mommy!! Where are you?

I am not able to open my eyes; please help me;

Struggled, screamed and finally heard a voice,

“You cannot open your eyes here, Lilly.”

Why? Who are you? How do you know me?

Too many questions to ask, too much confusion:

Why don’t these damn eyes open?

All I want is to go home and see mom;

No one here has the eyes to see,

Except for the voice to speak and ears to hear;

Mr.Strange, who are you? How do you know me?

We all know each other, Little quick or little late;

It has taken you a complete life to know me,

For me, I have known you forever;

Heard you cry coming out from your mothers’ womb,

Heard your giggles playing in the corners of the street;

You were alive not late came your death,

I was around, took your hand and let you sleep for a while;

Here you are awake and alive again,

Living your after death, or should we call it dying?

This is it? Am I already dead?

Can I not go back and see my mother again?

No, you can’t. Learn to hear her from now,

Love isn’t in vision but in the feeling you experience;

But why do we not have a vision in this so-called dead world?

Here you are, I love it, the curiosity of being a kid,

They say the dead world isn’t for crimes and hence, no vision;

Really? If everything can be felt, then how can vision stop crime?

Oh dear, don’t you know that eyes are mischievous,

They are the keepers of attraction;

Oh! Is it? Funny it is to hear that, how idiotic is that expression!

Let my mother come; I shall ask her all questions,

Why do you say that? Ask me all you got in your head;

What you say is pointless like a blind won’t perform crime,

Brilliant is for you to ask that, but little one do you know?

How will one commit a crime when you know no form?

It is you who said that we just don’t have eye;

Does that mean that everything is as such, my dear Lilly?

We might touch the things and know, how is it around;

But are you sure that everyone can sense the touch?

Or are you sure that everything here has hands?

Wonderful it is! To live in doubts like this,

Haha! No, it is death so dying, right?

Yes, my Lilly, now you get it all, you sure are intelligent,

 I still have certain questions which sure don’t follow any equation;

Let my mommy come, I will ask her in person, Only if she could listen,

 Yes, my Lilly, let’s wait till your mother arrives in heaven.

Let’s know what happens after Lillys’ mother meets her in next part.

That’s What She Actually Said

By -Gayatri Agarwal

There was a time when we were called deities;
Now we have come to a world;
Where we are just a part of pities.

Every morning we wake;
Every step we take;
It’s considered to be a mistake.
Whether it be;
Wearing a dress of our choice;
Or hanging out with the boys;
Or ever raising our voice.
Everything is just an invite;
To a rape threat;
For they believe;
we should be a silent pet.

For she being bold, comfortable and independent;
Made few dicks feel incompetent;
Because we live in a world;
Where being egoistic is a sign of accomplishment.
Who is to decide on their punishment?
Where even law & order:
Is run by mismanagement.

When are we to live free?
When are we going to be safe?
Is it when we go to our grave?
1950 to 2020, 70 years;
And it’s just been freedom of tears.

Why, Father? Why?

By – Gayatri Agarwal

The first week was up,
You were so excited;
That month,
Lullabies were all you recited.
My mouth had now developed,
I thought
I was like your small gift in an envelope.

Month two was on the go,
Mom knew now my heart was to fully grow;
And it belonged to you all,
Including my elder bro.
It was all I had to give for now,
But little did I know;
My heart had now started beating slow.

Clasping those unformed arms & legs;
I realized,
The girl in me was not your pride.
Why Father? Why?
Couldn't you hear my mute cry?
Even before I could open my eyes,
you proved genders don’t equalize.
In my last breath,
all I do is wish you happiness,
Because showing no humanity is a sign only of weakness.