The Re-Evolution Of Humans

Kalaam is a young man with big dreams,
His family always supports his goals.
He is always fascinated by stars,
He always aimed to go to mars.

As there is a pandemic, he is staying inside,
His thoughts always travelled outside.
He is enjoying his time in the lockdown,
He is waiting for the time to go to town.

One day his dad felt breathless,
Kalam became defenceless,
They rushed for medical assistance,
He never thought we would face resistance.

They reached a hospital and was waiting for a bed,
Many people are just waiting in a shed.
The situation is very horrifying,
The hospital staff is very annoying.

The hospital demanded money for admission,
It is causing them an affliction.
Kalaam begged on the knees,
The staff cared only about fees.

Kalaam is running around the hospital to do something,
He is very emotional and couldn’t do anything.
His father condition worsened,
Due to lack of care, he deceased.

Kalaam’s world shook to the core,
His father isn’t alive anymore.
He couldn’t face the situation,
He couldn’t take the revelation.

After some days, Kalaam gains rationality and thinks ” We have gone back in the tree of evolution. We have become brainless nomads again, killing in the name of caste, creed, religion, nationality etc., A man cannot be educated, treated nicely or even treated without money. They let a person die, but they will not touch him without money. If this is the progress we are dreaming of, forget it. We don’t deserve to be Humans.”

The above incident is a reality during the pandemic we are facing now. Few of the hospitals are not taking in patients without advance payment. I don’t have words to describe this situation, but this is the ground reality. It wrenches my heart to see such kind of news.

In the end, a virus which originated in China has spread to different parts of the world. And this has created a situation where hospitals are running out of beds. Imagine if the virus is originated from your country and has affected the majority. It is beyond imagination.

To conclude, please take care of yourself and your loved ones. Be in touch with them regularly. A simple “How are you?” now and then will make a huge difference in our lives. I understand a few of us may not get any texts or communication. Try to be the initiator of the connection, and I can assure you, you will bring a smile to someone’s bad day.

Did you ask yourself this question before starting your journey towards goal?

By Samhitha dulam
Everybody wants to live a happy and relaxed life, to have good relationships, to make money, to look beautiful, become famous and many more. Everybody likes it that way because it’s so simple and easy. But have you ever asked a question like “What pain/risks will you take? Or what are the consequences that you are willing to face?” rather than “What do you want to be? Or what do you want out of life?”
We all think of having something day after day…month after month….yet end up with nothing or getting close it. Then it is absolutely a false promise made by you by yourself, or maybe it’s just a fantasy!!! Because many of us feel to have it but fail to reach it or perhaps it isn’t something that you want.
Let me tell you my story. During my adulthood, I fantasized about being an IPS officer – mostly like an uncorrupted IPS officer. I used to imagine myself being an IPS officer. What are the things I want to change and how to help my country from being corrupted? What changes could be made to make my country from a developing nation to developed nation (in the sense of security to people, freedom to raise the voice, freedom to a woman to walk along the roads at night) and many other things. But while focusing on this, I considered first to complete my schooling, intermediate and my graduation. Well! During my graduation, I spent a little amount of time to the process of becoming an IPS officer. And soon after my graduation, I needed money, I needed to find the time and then…then what? I did nothing! To be honest, I feel like I didn’t even try hard enough to fail at it. I hardly tried!
Instead of just feeling to be an IPS officer for about ten years of my life, if I had worked on it, I might have achieved at least a small milestone.
And when it comes to my interest in arts and love for writing about something that makes me feel good never changed. I still make time to draw something or to write something because I experienced the positives after going through the negatives in the process.
Well, I somehow failed myself maybe because I was not either determined enough, courageous or perhaps I lost belief in myself, or maybe my situation made me just to quit!
Following human behaviour, we easily handle a positive experience rather than a negative experience. But remember the positive experience comes through the negative experience, the struggles/risk/pain we take. So, it’s clear that what we get out of life is not just determined by what you need but rather with what you are willing to go through to get it. Because to have benefits you should also pay its cost. You can only avoid the consequences for so long before they come roaring back to life.
Now I’m not what I wanted to be because I didn’t take the risk/ struggled to achieve it. Maybe, I was and I am still in love with the victory but not the process. My dear friend! Life will never work this way.
The one who enjoys the struggles of workout gets into ones’ desirable shape. The one who likes to take a risk in business may become the best entrepreneur. The one who enjoys the long weekdays becomes the best of others in a company. Ultimately, the one who enjoys the stress and uncertainty of the starving are the ones who live it and make it.
Many said that our struggles determine our success, and I do say that the way you choose your battles or efforts determines your success.