Quest and Crusade of Manu, III

Chapter three: Confrontation with the demon

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Manas walked back as Manu saw a shadow.
Gulping his fear, he remained unmoved,
even when the shadow grew bigger and clear.
Never did he closehis eyes, they were so open.
Out came the beast with its sparkling red eyes.
Surprising to Manu, it was just a wolf.
But a wolf like he had never seen,
for it is so big and fierce.
Saliva dropped through its jaws, and its walk was weary.
Clearly, he can see that it has gotten a lot older.
Even being a wolf, it was big and full.
Maybe demons are just images of animals.
He sat on his knees and started looking at it.
O’ demon full of hunger,
have you ever seen God?
Is he cruel and bad for the deeds he had done?
Why the need to kill us all,
his dear creation.
Is it not best not to create us at all?
The beast was irked; close it came and growled so hard.
Neither did he fear nor did he hesitate,
answer me quickly before you eat, he yelled.
It irked it more and made it pounce on him.
Grabbing his neck, it dragged Manu,
as he screamed with the pain and bled through his throat.
Are you just a beast who has fully grown?
Will you do not die if I tried to kill?
He faintly asked before it chewed his arm.
The bite freed his arm, and he was quick on legs.
Picked up a stone and he pierced it in its eye.
Squealed the beast with bleeding eye,
And Manu knew that this was just an overgrown beast.
Numb felt his arm, but his neck was at pain.
Gathering his wits, he stabbed its other eye.
Angry but old, the creature pounced blind,
only to miss the target and become vulnerable.
Manu lifted a rock and smashed its head.
Crying with pain, he peeled its skin.
Cleaned his wounds and tied them with its hide.
Dragged it to the cart and started pushing it down.
He went down the hill, gathering his fainted breath.
He felt he was to faint and wise was his thought.
He kicked the cart hard and jumped on top of it.
Falling on the sliding carriage, he fainted out of mind.
The cart hit the gates of the tribe, and Manas saw it fall.
Opened his eyes in a medic’s hut, Manu saw the tribe,
that gathered him around.
The smile was there, and the love was spilling out.
They lifted him out and jumped with joy.
They called him the gift of God and worshipped him so.
They never listened to his words that said,
it was just a beast.

He was soon flowered with gifts,
offerings of food and pleasures.
He rejected them smoothly and hated their thought.
He knew it was mere luck, the beat grew old and weak.
In search of gods, he had become one.
But glad was he not for the holy treatment.
The prayers seemed blabber and the people so foolish.
You need not a god, but a hunter with a sword.
Taught them his skills, made them wooden swords.
He set foot once again to find his real questions.
True peace is what I look up to,
and not ignorant bliss.
I will remember you forever and ever,
for you have been more than my family.
He parted his ways and waved goodbyes.
He rode on the donkey, they also gifted him some rice.
He set foot once again, to quench his questions,
which just grew in number but not one solved.

Quest and Crusade of Manu

Chapter one: The storm that killed innocence

The pyre was lit,
and he was walking around the people,
who gathered around the fire;
while his father, the priest preached and yelled.
The cries of a soul that only he heard.
Never did he got used to the smell of human flesh.
He is pure as white clouds and soft as cow meat.
Never did he thought about death and dark.
His charm poured out through his smile,
that made him friends with almost everyone.
But one was worthy of earning his trust,
that one was born on the same day as him.
Together they opened their eyes,
together they walked and ripened.
Manu, he was called and Rijul, his comrade.
The breeze was Manu for his calmness,
The fire was Rijul for his burning aggression.
Rijul speaks words that spark some disgrace.
Manu cooled him down with his wits of grace.
Inseparable was their natural bond,
Only diverse through their familial hierarchy.
Manu was the crowned prince following his lineage.
Rijul was destined to graze their cattle.
Manu learned the chants with no objection,
but Rijul wanted more than just bathing the animals.

Once in a while, the sky lightens up,
it roars so bad that the winds are disturbed.
The clouds fought wars and bled some rain,
destroying the crops and leaving the herd in pain.
The gods are angry shouts the priest,
and the pyre is set ablaze with living human meat.
Their deaths are a sacrifice feeding their gods,
the screams are a result of a favourable agreement.
Soon are gone rains, soon go the thunders.
Gods fought no more for the sacrifice the tribe has made.
Once again, the day had come,
the clouds had started a war.
This time they bled so hard,
half the cattle were gone.
Manu was sad that his favourite cow had died.
Only if I had the strength, he thought.
I wish I could lift a mountain,
and shelter all the people, cattle and birds.
Wish I had that strength, Manu grieved.
The priest had to think so hard
that the sacrifice was not enough.
He prepared to give the gods more than plentiful.
More were the number of people rounded up,
more were the pyres set.
The diseased were to be tied up,
but the rain was just too big.
Rules were broken, and amendments were made,
Chosen were the people who were not yet plagued.
The priest had made quite a big decision,
but his greed was as big as the intention.

He has chosen the diseased less in number,
the most were the ones who spoke.
The words of rebellion were planned to end,
with the blaze of burning the rebellious mouths.
Little did Manu know his Rijul was one of them.
For the first time did Manu lose his temper,
yelled and opposed his own father.
His father was annoyed, and so was the village,
burning him too seemed the right choice.
Given his lineage, he cannot be killed,
but considering the past,
he was set to banished.
Not before he left, he was filled with anger,
the cries of his comrade burning alive,
Those visuals destroyed his calmness.
The breeze had turned into a wind,
He was set out to become a storm.
Cursed his gods and broke the idols,
Disbelief caught him like the plague.
Let me burn in the hell,
for it is not me but the gods,
the ones who are wrong,
and the ones who need correction.
He thought those words in his mind
before he broke those idols.
Set his foot on the barren field,
he left his tribe for good.
He just knew right then and there,
that he would travel to the place that gods reside.
He has questions in his mind,
and quenching he did need.
He set foot in search of his gods.

The day of rationing-the ideal construct of humanity

By- Chandini Kola

“Today is Friday. We must prepare for the rationing. People will come flowing like water in the ocean. Are we ready?” God asked his Prophets. “We have made the arrangements as per your instructions master,” Prophet replied. “Have you checked if all our priests are ready?” God asked. “They have always been, and they always will be,” Prophet replied.
The time is 3:45 AM, and God is waiting for the humans to come for rationing. The arrangements have been made for the people to get the rationing accordingly.

A human being slowly walked into the hall where priests were sitting. He walked towards the priest and asked, “Good morning. My name is Mohan. Can I meet God because I have got him some presents.” The priest asked what had he got. Mohan replied that he is a daily wage earner, so he got some milk for him. The priest took the milk and said that he could not meet God, but he will give him some rationing which is his part to take. Mohan happily agreed, took what the priest gave and returned to his home. Later, a few people entered the hall. One of them was wearing clean and ironed clothes, jewellery, and was shining from top to bottom. The priest called him first and asked his name. He said his name is Rishi and he has come with lots of money, jewellery and clothes for God. The priest was immensely happy and allowed him to enter the next hall where prophets were sitting. Prophets were delighted to look at the presents and gave him his rationing. When he asked if he can visit God, he was turned off by saying that he is not yet eligible to do so. He took his rationing and left the place. The priest looked at the second person who was wearing clean clothes and called him. He asked the person about what has he got for God. The person replied that he had only some money, milk, fruits and flowers for God. He requested the priest to allow him to see God. But the priest didn’t accept. But he allowed him to take the part of his rationing from the Prophet. Later, the priest saw a man in not-so-shiny clothes and called him. When the man reached the priest, he said he had only flowers for God. The priest took them and gave him the rationing and sent him off.
With the day extending, there were many people in the queue for rationing. But, thankfully, few people were safe. These people are none other than preachers of God; they didn’t even have to stand in line; they could use their VIP pass and directly enter to the Gods’ hall because that’s what they do. God and they are much like old friends. A man in the crowd waiting for rationing questioned the priest in a loud voice. “Priest! Priest! Why is that he could enter Gods’ hall without getting anything in his hands?” The priest said, “He got almost half the followers to God. That’s how he is special.”
For which, the man replied, “Are you implying that only that following God isn’t enough, and we must get him more followers?” The priest replied, “Yes. We must get more people to believe in God.” The man asked, “So, do we have no value in his eyes? Is doing my job not enough?” The priest got angry and said, “Stop! Or you will see the wrath of God.” The man shouted, “Why should I shut my mouth? What are you hiding from us? Are you masking your inequality by triggering fear in us? If he had treated everyone equal, then why should we be given different rationings? Is it my fault to be loyal to the world and expect something?” The priest got angry, “You filth. How dare you question God and his principles. Are you against God? People like you are just a burden.” The people around the man agreed with the priest and started beating him. They willfully beat him to death, but the prophets and God did nothing but to hear from inside.
After the noise ended, the rationings continued. The priest had arranged a board by then. It included who can enter which hall. It was written that a person who gets money, fruits, flowers, and clothes for God would get a chance to enter the prophets’ hall. A person with fruits, flowers, and money can enter prophets’ hall if the priest allows doing so. A person with a VIP pass can go to the Gods’ hall. A person without money cannot enter beyond priests’ hall. The rationings will also be according to the hall. The merrier the hall, the more the rationings.
A little girl was in the row and asked her mother what is there in the rationing. Her mother explained to her that there are food, money, clothes, home, love, hatred, envy, anger, toxicity, happiness, sorrow, wealth, and much more. The little girl asks, “But, why is God taking gifts from us when he has already so much treasure enough to give us all?” The mother of the girl was left in shock after this. Their turn came for rationing, and the priest gave them their part. The little girl innocently asked the priest, “Priest, what should I do if I want to see God.” The priest replied, “Oh, It is simple dear! All you have to do is not use much of your brain for making your own principles. You will just have to do what’s written in the rule book without questioning it, no matter how illogical it is. You shouldn’t make much of your choices and imprison yourself into many pointless concepts where you will finally be able to become a preacher by yourself. You can enlighten others to do the same and sacrifice your beautiful life into the unhinged concepts of the rule book. You will have to fear God so much that you forget how you can love him for this wonderful life of yours.” But then, she asks, “Why should I even visit God? Shouldn’t my point be living my life? Isn’t that why God has given this to us? Was I born to follow him?” The priest replied, “Yes. Indeed, you must follow him. He has created you, and it is your responsibility to follow him.” For which, the girl replies, “Then, why are preachers needed if God can create his own followers?” The priest says, “Sometimes, people lose their path and preachers will help them lead the path towards God. As they ease the work of God, God loves them.” “So, the point of existence is to follow God and do nothing? What is he even doing, creating his own followers? Why does he even need it? Is he in any competition?” the girl asks. The priest replies, “As I said, if you want to see God, you have to follow his rule book without any questions and logics.” The mother scolds the little girl and takes her away.
The next person came front for ration. He was asked if he has got something for God. The man said that he had got nothing but praying hands and asked if he could get any ration. The priest said that there are things that can be given to him like his blessings that one day he will become rich enough to get the presents.

At the end of the day, while rationing was over, God asked prophets about the rationings. Prophets said that they had given the powers of all the rationing components to the wealthy very well enough that they can create the rationings from the classes that are weaker to them. It has also been given to people who are willing to share them with others, but this power is a limited edition. They have given love to everyone but as every time in a box that can be only opened through a key called MY KIND. The hatred has been enormous and has been given to everyone in massive amounts so that they can spread it, create it, recreate it and kill each other. But, of course, there are few things like dominance that they have already got as treasure by birth which can be imposed to exploit everything, including the mother earth whenever possible.
When the priests were asked about what learnings they have given to humankind. They said they were able to fear people in the name of God and influence them to live for some non-sensical After-Life concept by stopping, “Living in the moment.”