India, let’s sense the senses!

What has happened to our eye?
Are we actually even seeing?;
When we can’t really see what’s going on in our country?

Our rights, our power, our money
But looks like we too are politician’s bunnies;
Our wrong electoral choices;
Rapes, murders are the consequences.

What has happened to our voice?
Has money blinded our morals & principles?
That being ignorant has become so integral.

‘India is my country,
All Indians are my brothers & sisters’
Every person once in their lifetime has pledged this.
So why do our words & actions not coexist?

What has happened to our ear?
For we can’t even listen to;
The shrieks & cry of India’s daughters.

How many times will we keep proving;
That humanity means nothing;
For money has now become everything.

What has happened to the sense of our senses?
For not only girls, even animals fear any touch;
Is this the future India had promised us?
Is this why the legends fought for years for our freedom?
Was this all?

Wake up, Indians!
And for once wake your senses!
See & listen clearly;
For our voices are our weapons towards what wrong;
If everyone’s going wait to wake up till it’s all over;
Any good excepted will be long gone;
Even before you wake up to yawn!

To the glory of Kargil

With immense strength in heart;
& unmatched bravery  being their art;
They marched on for two months;
Always stood on the fronts;
Facing the fire from every acre;
For they thought they were the Nation’s caretakers.

Have you ever seen heroes?
Yes, they are on the borders day and night;
Always ready for a fight.
1999 was a year of pride;
527 families were flooded with cries;
Everyone lost something that day;
A son, brother, husband, father, friend;
But their lives and sacrifice will never be forgotten;
For they were men in golden.

For the motherland and it’s people;
They fought with the evil;
& soared high like an eagle!
To all the martyred and the one’s still fighting for us;
Thank you;
For saving our country from going to dust;
For every injury you’ve incurred;
For fighting our freedom to live & be heard.

I salute to all the brave hearts of the Kargil war;
For being the perfect example of mankind;
They shall be remembered well;
for it’s for them that every Indian has a place to dwell!
You have made us proud;
For this day only makes me shout;
‘You all were the perfect scouts!’