Delusion of free life.

How free are you? Free enough to piss on any road we want. But free enough to get away to someplace and spend some time alone? If we are rich, we have to make sure we stay rich, and if we are not, then we should make sure to get rich. The delusion is to get rich so that one can achieve a stature where they can finally be free. But looking it from an outsiders perspective, it is a circle. We begin at some point, dreaming of an endpoint, but it never ends. The quest of life is to finally be free, but when?

If we look at this circle of the chase of life, we can call it a spiral. We begin at some point, and we realise we are not free, we understand that we have to run in the line to be free finally and reach our destination, but that point never comes. If the starting point is ‘existence’ and the endpoint is ‘death’, all that happens in between is a spiral. It is never a straight line; it is always a loop! We chase money instead of an object.

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No matter how evil that may sound, we all are material beings. It is material that we desire. We work, or we put some labour to gain some fruit. But the fruit of our labour is snatched away from us, and we get a paper called money. The concept is to exchange this paper to buy some material that brings us joy. But our desire to work has not become some object, but our passion is on the very paper, money!

We have begun to buy objects not to satisfy our needs and feel joyous but to live up to the standards of everyone around us. There is nothing wrong with buying what you love. If your target is to enjoy a holiday in GOA and you have worked six months to earn enough money to do that, do that! People make you guilty for buying something for yourself. But there is nothing wrong in purchasing a fleshlight for yourself if you want it.

But if you buy a car just because you have to buy it to create a social identity, you are lost in the spiral of forever chase and EMI! EMI is not dividing your money into specific months; it is dividing your labour too. In the delusion of buying anything you want, you choose EMI. And when you realise that you are drowned in debts, it is too late. It eats your entire salary and salary is not a gift, it is a fruit of your labour!

The only way to be a hacker in this spiral life is to use the money to do what you want. Buy whatever you want. Save just enough for you to live till you get the next job if you are fired, or you left. Utilise the gaps in jobs. Go freelancing if you want and enjoy your own life in the way you want. You have a choice right in front of you. You can either delude yourself in this meaningless existence that you are going to be free some day.
Or you can start living your life in the way you want and embracing the nothingness!

That’s how he saved his futurE

Many a times being frugal is misinterpreted;
Is being frugal being cheap?
If saving money for greater things in life is;
If serving one’s best interests is;
Then yes; but;
Being frugal at least gets one a good night’s sleep.

We live in a world where;
Clothes are meant for show off;
Money is spent like a toss;
& food is left to rot;
After all, everyone’s caught being faux.

In the constant dilemma between need & want;
Want is a luxury that will leave you;
With resources too scant.
Choosing a comfortable living over luxuries;
Is the way of life of being worldly.

It is rightly said,,
‘One of the important leadership principles is frugality’.
Be frugal in the gift of life;
For it teaches you to be wise;
& to care about value and not the price.

Frugal living is a mindset;
For your future not to be left in a debt & sweat.
It’s not compromising on living standards;
It’s just your future life being sorted & answered.

Life…All about Equating the uncertainties

It’s like a leap of faith;
Where uncertainty awaits;
Where we don’t know what tomorrow brings;
or how is it that our life swings.

What we have with us is – today;
Whether it’s black, white or grey.
It’s all about how we balance the situation;
And the right application of any equation.

To add happiness;
& minus the sadness;
To divide the busyness;
& multiply the kindness;
It’s about equalizing the emotions.

It’s more than finding the ‘X’,
And the algebraic decks;
It’s a journey of sweat, regret and reset;
Wherein you will finally feel blessed.

So, welcome the morning with an open arm;
For the world needs your charm.
Every day is just an alarm;
To find the right equation within one’s self;
For at the end, it’s every human for himself.