So what if we can’t travel now?

By – Gayatri Agarwal

 So what if we can’t travel now?
 Close your eyes and reminisce;
Close your eyes and reminisce;
The winds blow, and the rivers flow.
 After all, 
 Nature is everywhere we go.
 The plant outside our home;
 Or sipping a coffee at the gloam;
 Every corner is a beautiful home.

 To all the rides from the notch;
 To all the sunsets we are yet to watch;
 Let’s cherish the memories with a scotch.
 We will be in the clouds soon;
 For now;
 Let’s recall the oceans tune;
 To all the nights and the noon;
 The moon still looks beautiful from our bedroom.

 To the beach lovers;
 We know happiness comes in waves;
 And the seashore is what we crave.
 The sand, the water, the sun;
 We miss all the fun.
 But my dear friend,
 So what we can’t travel now?
 We will still tick off the bucket list;
 Because to travel is to persist.

Embracing the new “New” or the new “Fear”?- Lockdown diaries

By – Olivia Saha

Now that we are in the unlocking phase of the COVID-19, everyone’s talking about the new “new”. Be it social media posts or status; we can see the term “new” very often. But, do we know how does this new “new” feel? Is it that easy to embrace it and make it very normal like before? Is it a real “New” or a new “Fear”?

The big difference:

Being inside our home for more than two months have changed so many things. In the unlocking phase of this pandemic, it seems like we are coming out of our shell to a whole new world. On the one hand, we are excited and elated to see the world, to wear our favourites which were locked in the cupboard for so long & thinking that maybe their owner died or ran away leaving them alone. But deep down, we all have fear. A fear that holds us back from being close to our friends whom we will meet after so long; fear of even giving a high-five after cracking even the lamest jokes. The fear of sitting next to our colleagues & gossiping about the office. Fear of going out on dates, fear of even walking on the road. We are today in such a time that even before consoling someone or wiping their tears, we think twice because that fear is still in our minds. 

Things are not the same now, and we don’t know if it will ever be the same again. Travelling won’t be the same again, at least for quite a time. Planning the trips with our friends and families seems way too far now, and even if we get the opportunity to plan someday, I think we will pack masks and sanitisers more than clothes and shoes. See, those trip shoppings will take a considerable turn now! There’s the fear of so many things that we earlier used to do without even thinking of it, like “jab jaha jaane ka mann kiya bas chal diye”. But now we need to think even before stepping out of the house. 

For some of us who were lucky enough like me to return to their hometown, the journey of excitement gradually turns a little dull because you finally realise you cannot hug and kiss your parents who are waiting for you outside the station or airport. You cannot meet your relatives and your childhood friends for straight 14 days, and suddenly it feels like you are all alone even after being surrounded by your loved and dear ones. But yes sometimes we can use this as a weapon also to save ourselves from our mom’s “Thappad”.

In the end, we all know no fear can ever stop us. After facing all these, there remains a ray of hope that pushes us towards that silver lining. It reminds us how blessed we are that at least we have the resources to face and cope up with every situation that we are going through. So, let’s embrace the new “Fear” and turn it into a real & beautiful “New”. 

Be kind & compassionate!