And the sun had finally set in the east!

"And the sun had finally set in the east.
The day is over,
And it was a tiresome day.
It felt like swimming against the tide,
And I don't know why we have to face this every day.
These catcalls and unwanted touchings,
Would this ever end?
I'm a man, and ashamed,
I wonder when we will be treated equally.
And Where the sun sets at the west.
Where the sun rises at the east,
I wish there were a world,
without being judged.
I want to grow a moustache,
I'm fed up with this femalevolent world!"

I’ve received this from an unknown world from my counterpart ahsraH irS jonaM. His will was strong, and his pain was real. His intentions were sharp, and they pierced the fabric of space-time, penetrated this world where the sun rises on the east and sets on the west. His thoughts and struggle were what I see in dreams. With respect to his world, this poem was kept as it is, and it is to be read from bottom to top, and not top to bottom. But the thoughts he transmitted were words and pieces of sentences which I had to work on and form them up in the words of our world! Those thoughts were forwarded to me each day, and I dated them from new to old.


“It is my birthday today, but I don’t feel any excitement. Wish I were born as a girl. It’s just like every other day, the sun went down, and the darkness was all over the place, and I had woke up. It’s 6:30 PM and just two hours left for me to login into my work. The world is still sick with the Bubonic plague, and it is now officially the biggest pandemic after the COVID outbreak back in the Justinian era. “


“Thanks to the lockdown, and thanks to the closing of parlours. I’m able to do what I have always dreamt. My moustache now has handles, and I can turn them, curl them. I feel proud twirling my moustache. My father, however, shaves his facial hair every day. He says a real cultural man never grows facial hair, and all the people who grow are just hippies. I never knew that I would look so good with a moustache. I don’t give a fuck about anyone, and I’m going to upload my new picture. From now on, my identity would be “the man who stopped shaving”. I feel so masculine, and I guess moustache really pumps the pride up! That might exactly be the reason why the women banned us and shamed us from growing it! I will also grow my beard and will see how I look!”


“The Primi minister Dimo Ji has spoken about continuing the relaxation taking precautions individually, and she is a good orator. Here I’m, wondering if the world is sick now, or has it always been ill. Of course, it was sick. This world reeks of flowers, and I’m fed up of looking at pink everywhere. They conduct workshops and awareness programmes for us men to grow financially and individually. But, I don’t see men encouraged enough to do anything.”


“Yesterday night, my mother told me how I should be prepared for marriage as there was a good match. The suitor was a doctor, and she was highly honourable. Yet, her family demands a dowry of two million for her research in neuroscience. Am I a man or a funding machine? Is this how girls see boys? Funding machines for their higher studies and research?”


“Today I was called a “bhore” once again! I can’t believe that I’m being called it even today when all the men are actively protesting against blut-shaming. All I did was reject a proposal because the girl was too demanding, and she started digging my profile, commented on my old pictures with my ex-girlfriend. She began telling people that I slept with my ex-girlfriend, and I was a real blut! She said to a few of my friends that she even fucked me! I can’t believe this.”


“I can’t believe what happened today. We are living in the 21st century, and people are still this dumb? A toxic woman, too toxic, just commented on my profile picture calling me an uncultured swine. It was insulting, and I asked her what her problem is. She said I was disgracing our country’s culture by wearing shorts and skin-tight Tshirt. She said that I’m trying to show off my pecs and shoulder muscles. I deleted all her comments and looked at her profile, and I was shocked! In all her pics, she was wearing a two-piece. There was even a backless picture and how is it fair for her to wear those skin-tight jeans, bikini and post semi-nude photos of herself, while all the boys should wear kurtas and dhotis. This blut-shaming is not new for me. My father always scolds me for not wearing my dhoti low and cover my feet. He says he had neither wore nor will he ever dream of wearing a sleeveless tank top. But I really like wearing a tank top. What’s wrong if I wanted to show them pecs off? Why are women’s boobs never censored?”


“My girlfriend just called me a brahstitute for being close to my female friends. She somehow remembered every argument and quarrel we ever had. Unfortunate for me, I have never thought her to be my possession, and I let her for her will. Never did I say anything if she comically flirted with my male friends. I know that she is not an object, but an individual with opinions and the mind with the same power of thinking as I. But she! She thought I was her object! She thought I’m like some ice-cream; that I’d only be used for sex. She considers all the female friends I have just wanted a piece of me. Am I not worthy of friendship? Is this what I’m? Just a body to use? I’m nothing but a walking penis?”


“Today is my birthday! 22 years of happiness! I choose to see the beauty of this world. I prefer to ignore the ugly side. Most of the time, nothing serious happens. Of course, we are suppressed; we are being oppressed. But I see the positive side! I would rather struggle and bash those dumb female idiots for trolling the meninist movement. My girlfriend just bought me a diary, and I’m going to fill this book with my thoughts. I will not be like the other men. I will not marry until I have an identity of my own. I should be firm and stop caring what the others think about me. My mother supports me too. I think she doesn’t want me to be a house-husband. She’s a modern mom and loves my sister and me equally. Waiting ahead for a beautiful year and success!”

His pain was real and was inter-dimensional. Let’s share and spread this message and learn from it if it had taught us something. Did it though?