Is empathy not preserved to men?

by- Dada Hayath

Let me start by asking, “Do you remember celebrating women’s day, at your college or workplace? Now, do you know that men’s day exists too?”

On Women’s day, Social media is filled with famous movie quotes on women, workplaces filled with speeches and roses for women.

The question always arises in my brain; Why Men’s day is not celebrated that way? Won’t we deserve the same love and compassion from women?

Women always argue that they have been exploited through generations, Indeed, yes. But, don’t you think every weaker section is exploited not only women, children, old aged and lower caste people.

Aren’t the men Exploited?

1. Education

You cant even compare the pressure that we go through in our education phase. If we don’t study well, we won’t get into the right college. Many questions will arise like- How are you going to earn with these low marks? You have to get into an IIT. You need to study 18 hours to top the board exams. I am not saying that girls aren’t pressurised but, I believe when compared to boys, it’s very less.

2.Biased Society

As a man, you can’t cry if someone hurts you. You are weak if you are cheated. You can’t complain about pain if you get injured. You are expected to fulfil your spouses’ needs, no matter how silly her needs be? Man must earn for his family. At every phase, we are compared concerning every criterion.

3. Career

Do you how a particular youngster will choose a job? How much money is earnt in this job so that I can make my parents pride? Is it cool to be in this profession? What will my relatives think? Will I get a bride to marry? None of the above questions relates to skill and interest.

Even at the workplace, you bear atrocities which many people don’t know. Although we don’t like the job, we take every shit that happens in the office for one reason, i.e., FAMILY.

I am not saying women don’t face this in the job. I am just saying it’s okay that women can leave a job and be a homemaker. In contrast, it’s not same for men.


As per the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act of 1956

Its parents’ responsibility to take care of the maintenance of girl child until she gets married or proves herself in contrast to the boy until he reaches the age of 18.

As per Section 498 A of the Indian Penal Code,

If a woman is subjected to cruelty by her husband, his relatives or his family, it will be liable to imprisonment. But, she doesn’t need to give any evidence whatsoever( up to 7 years from marriage)

Do you know how many might misuse it?

There are many laws regarding which are very biased to women (just search the google).

4. Family

Do you know how it is to be crushed between mother and wife?

If you don’t know, watch Bahubali 2 movie. One is the reason for being born, and other is the reason for being alive. Both are equal parts.

If we observe our surroundings, we can count the number of homes on our fingers, where the woman and her in-laws are being good with each other. It might be the mistake of mother or wife, but most of the times it’s the guy who gets punished.

So, we do suffer, and we too bear the social barriers. But empathy is only expressed on some. Why? I don’t know. 

I would like to dedicate the article to women who think that ” I wish I were born as a man.”