So what if we can’t travel now?

By – Gayatri Agarwal

 So what if we can’t travel now?
 Close your eyes and reminisce;
Close your eyes and reminisce;
The winds blow, and the rivers flow.
 After all, 
 Nature is everywhere we go.
 The plant outside our home;
 Or sipping a coffee at the gloam;
 Every corner is a beautiful home.

 To all the rides from the notch;
 To all the sunsets we are yet to watch;
 Let’s cherish the memories with a scotch.
 We will be in the clouds soon;
 For now;
 Let’s recall the oceans tune;
 To all the nights and the noon;
 The moon still looks beautiful from our bedroom.

 To the beach lovers;
 We know happiness comes in waves;
 And the seashore is what we crave.
 The sand, the water, the sun;
 We miss all the fun.
 But my dear friend,
 So what we can’t travel now?
 We will still tick off the bucket list;
 Because to travel is to persist.