The Real Side Of A Story.

Kashish is an underrated director of the film industry. His films have much realistic approach and closer to ground reality, rather than having a flamboyant hero and a dumb heroine. His movies never had a box office success, but content-wise they received immense appreciation in almost all international film festivals. He is known as the master of “Parallel Cinema.” Kashish and his friend Vijay are directing a movie. They are stuck on a scene on how to reveal a big twist of the film. They are stuck on this scene for three days and are writing different screenplays for the same.

On a parallel side, Vijay, a journalist, is being pressurised by his channel to get a piece of news. He crosses path with Kashish and keeps chasing him for an interview, as we all know journalists run behind people who are open to ignite a rumour or controversy. After much whining for Journalist Vijay, Kashish takes his number and assures him that he will call him when he is free. Few days pass, and Kashish finally gets the scene on how to reveal the twist. He calls his friend Vijay to say it, Vijay doesn’t answer the phone as it is very late in the night. He texts him the scene like this.

“Vijay I finally got it! 

 Our lead parks the car

And he pulled it out!

I believe you will like this.

Contact me once you wake up.”

The next day morning Kashish wakes up to Vijay’s phone and here is how their conversation goes.

Kashish: Dude! I know why you called. You loved the twist, didn’t you?

Vijay: What twist? I didn’t get any twist. 

Kashish:  I have figured out how to reveal our twist. I texted you yesterday. Didn’t you get it?

Vijay: I didn’t get any text, probably you are drunk. Listen, I called you to say something important. What the fuck is wrong with you? Why did you send some random pervert shit to a journalist?

Kashish: Journalist? I only texted you yesterday about our twist. He pulled out the dead body! You get it now?

Vijay: I didn’t get any text. Check your phone on whom you texted. News channels are running big news on it. Fix it ASAP!

Vijay hangs up the phone. Kashish checks the phone. He realises that he texted the journalist Vijay instead of his friend. Kashish calls journalist Vijay to cover it, but the phone is not reachable. He turns on the TV, and there are types of breaking news on the same. The lines are like: 

“What did Kashish pull out?” 

“Whom did Kashish pull out?” 

“Does Kashish want intimate relations with men?”

“Is Kashish homosexual?”

The lines went on, Kashish was shocked to see these many perverted lines on a murder thriller. Kashish couldn’t understand if he had to laugh on that or worry. He takes time to settle down and calls the channel, for which journalist Vijay works. Dinesh is the head of the channel. Dinesh is already conducting the show on this, and here is how the conversation goes.

Dinesh: Viewers, have you seen true colours of Kashish? He claims to keep himself frank. Is a pervert hiding inside him? Let’s hear from Kashish himself. Kashish, the viewers, are listening. How do you want to justify your pervert behaviour to our viewers and the nation?

Kashish: Dinesh, first of all, I don’t give a rat’s ass to you or your viewers. Who the fuck are you to ask me about justification? Without calling me and confirming, who the hell are you to pass judgment on me? Your blind viewers won’t see the question mark at the end of your statements. I was sending some script message to my friend, your shit ass journalist who was wagging his tail behind me has the same name. So I have sent it to your journalist by mistake. But you or your viewers don’t give a fuck about it. You want some controversy from this. You earn TRP, and they get entertainment. Finally, I didn’t call you to give a justification, my friend was worried about this, and I’m calling you because I respect him. 

Dinesh: You have witnessed it, viewers see how Kashish is abusing a public servant like me? It is clear that he has something to hide.

Kashish: Yeah you serve public a lot, for the past three days Assam ( a state in northeastern India ) is suffering from heavy floods, and you didn’t even talk about it once. But you got orgasm when Chinese apps are blocked and posted the same for a week.

(PS: I’m not against app ban, but every news which affects people must be reported)

Then the call is disconnected. In the above story, we have seen how media manipulated a simple message and did a character assassination of a person named Kashish. This is what the media is doing these days. They are creating controversies on celebrities, region, religion, etc., and earning TRP. People who watch it are being fooled. Anurag Kashyap ( one of the famous directors of Bollywood) who called out the media as bullies and headline seekers have been put in many controversies by media. They got so much TRP, and the so-called public got entertainment, did anyone think how was Anurag feeling when this happened? Nope.

In the end, it is very simple. Do not blindly believe any news that has a question mark or a twisted title. It can be a news channel report, a WhatsApp forward or a Facebook link. Verify it with google, do your own research, study the facts and then believe it. Please do not forward any WhatsApp messages without verification. Try to be the breaker of the fake news and never be a part of the maker of fake news.