The darker it DARK?

Sorry I am claustrophobic
And that’s how I know I am stuck
In the built structure of this body
I have been thinking all along
How am I here at all
Was I forcefully trapped into this?
Or it is just another mistake by the universe?
I have wandered through the world
And travelled through the sky
Neither I found the escape
Nor the answer for why
How could I sustain this?
How far the frustrating journey?
Is all I have in my head
Whenever I look into the eyes of the mirror
To what ends is your mystery?
What do you crave?
Is there really a meaning to this?
Is why the man evolved from the cave?
To the questions and thoughts unanswered
All I wanted was an escape
The constant reminder is the end
Where we all can finally rest
I was in a hurry to reach
I tried the shortcuts possible
Little did I know what it is
To have a shortcut to the end
Painful and scary was all the way
Wish I had stopped that day
But today here I am at the end
What foolish was I to not understand that
The end is the beginning; the beginning is the end.

Never too late to see a way out of a troubled marriage!

By – Gayatri Agarwal

Woke up with the love of my life;

 It looked like a dream to be his wife;

 One year into the marriage;

 And we were blessed with a baby boy in our carriage.

 Two years down the lane;

 The love started to fade away;

 Was he the same man, I couldn’t even say.

 Over the years;

 Domestic violence & abuse were raining over;

 It was like a complete turnover.

 The child who was in my womb for nine months;

 Was now the only hope in front.

 Eight years into the marriage and my dreams crashed;

 Now hope felt like trash;

 That’ when I decided I couldn’t take it anymore.

 Hid it from my family;

 Thinking they would never understand my story.

 Finally, when I broke the news of violence to them;

 They became my biggest support system.

 This marriage was now a ban;

 The trauma of my kid going away with that man;

  will never fill the void;

 But now I can at least look at myself without being paranoid.

 Looking back at the lessons that life has taught me;

 It seems like being bold, independent & strong wanted some fee.

 For people in an unhappy marriage;

 Don’t keep quiet in shame or fear;

 For that is definitely not a life you deserve.

 I’m proud to be where I am today;

 Because now, I have finally come out of the grey.

The Realisation of Every Night!

By – Mourya Koundinya

Archie was sitting with a pen in his hand,
A lot of thoughts were running in his mind.
He wants to express his grief and feelings,
There was nothing but tears and bearings.

Archie’s brain interrupts, and it says, ” Dude, finally you are at a point to express! I’m so happy for you! It always helps when you let it out. Please do write it well.”

Archie had a smile,
He is deep into his thoughts by a mile.
Archie starts writing his first word,
There runs a chill under his spinal cord.

Then his Brian says “Buddy, Why are you worried? I understand what you are facing. I’m filled with all your sadness. Please put it in words and let it out. You will feel much better.”

Archie gained confidence and starts writing,
The words are themselves inviting.
Archie has so much on the table,
His pattern becomes a bit unstable.

Then his brain says “Bro, do not let the words overtake your thoughts. Do you know what the best way to express something is? The original form! Just put on your grief and don’t care about the rest.”

Archie thinks that is the best advice he ever got,
He thinks to give it a shot.
He keeps on writing,
The tears keep on rolling.

Then his brain says “Mate, Please do not feel emotional, I understand what you are going through. I know you think you are non-existent in the vast, beautiful cosmos. But let me tell you that your presence makes it attractive. “

Archie feels much more inspiring,
His mood is very refreshing.
The night is very calm,
He feels very warm.

Then his brain says “Friend, I understand why you feel good at night. It is very calm and the only time where you think that it’s your time without any judging. A time where you realise that you don’t want to exist, and recognise the importance of your existence at the same time. I know how suffocated you were. I have helped you cry for the questions you got on your presence from self and others. I can assure you it doesn’t matter if you are true. Please do not worry.

In the end, my friend if you feel about your existence. You are very important. You matter a lot. You need a person like the character of the brain to listen. Luckily I have one, and I can assure you, you will have one.

Oh yes! The feeling Archie was writing was the above one, putting his feelings together.