In the last article, we have learnt the concept of “Particle Physics”. In this article, lets study the concept of “Kardashev Scale.”

We as a human race has faced many disasters and calamities. Natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, volcanos etc., Therefore, it is safe to assume that our ancestors have struggled a lot.

There are also good things that are going for us. Good things like space exploration, mars rover, vaccines and medication for few deadly diseases etc. We were successful to use science for our luxury and development.

What if, there was a scale to track the development of science and the chaos caused in the world. A scale would be awesome to measure it. One of the scales is “Kardashev Scale.”

Kardashev Scale: The Kardashev scale is a  hypothetical scale for measuring a civilization’s technological advancement based on the amount of energy it has available to it. In other words, the Kardashev scale is a method of measuring a civilization’s level of technological advancement based on the amount of energy they can use.

In 1964 a Russian Astronomer named “Nikolai Kardashev” came up with this idea. He theorized that a civilization’s technical advancement runs parallel to the amount of energy that the civilization is able to harness and manipulate. Therefore, the more energy that a society can produce, the more technologically advanced they are.

The formula of the scale is K = (log10[P] – 6) / 10 

Where K = Civilization’s Kardashev.
P = Power It Uses, In Watts.

Currently we are 0.7 on the scale. By using the above formula, Kardashev defined three types of Civilizations. They are,

Type 1: If we can use the energy of the entire planet then we are on Type 1 civilization of the Kardashev Scale. In other words, we must be able to use all the energy that is produced on our home planet.

Type 2: If we can use the energy produced by a Star, then we are in Type2 civilization of the Kardashev Scale. In other words, we would be colonizing stars and other planets and start living on them.

Type 3: If we can use the energy produced by a galaxy, then we are in Type 3 civilization of the Kardashev Scale. Man, that is a lot of energy!

Kardashev gave only three types of civilization. However, using the formula given by him, scientists were able to create four more. They are.

Type 4: If we can the energy produced by the universe, then we are in Type 4 civilization of the Kardashev Scale. Just imagine, the energy produced by the entire Universe! Goosebumps isn’t it?

Type 5: If we can use the energy produced by multiverses, then we are in Type 5 civilization of the Kardashev Scale. You will have the ability to jump around all the universes and have fun!

Type 6: This civilization is outside of the realm of science. If you are able to control space , time , create universes for fun then we are in Type 6 civilization of Kardashev Scale. It’s crazy isn’t it?

Type 7: This is like omnipresent and omnipotent. You can do anything, there are no limits. Here is the only imagination is your limit to imagine. There are no boundaries.

The Kardashev Scale is one of the important theory to conceptualize the future of Science.

Privacy, that I have none

Instead of sleeping for some human hours,
I woke up to a phone call, invading my privacy.
Because this person wanted to push away the burdens,
The burdens that he is carrying on his head.

I was readily available and accessible,
An I have a problem saying no.
Because of this problem I have,
I have to sacrifice the highest of all virtues; privacy!

Privacy that I have none,
Available, that I’m to almost everybody.
I wake up to whinging of people’s problems,
I sleep after exhausting on them.

Finally, when I’m free to care my own,
My door gets knocked by a bunch of someone else’s.
Not a believer, but is this karma?
This invasion is what I have brought upon myself.

Thinking of finding a cure,
I began to say “No, leave me be.”
But here I go after an hour of deluding privacy,
The intrusion has found a new disguise to get my attention.

Being a victim myself,
I consciously don’t invade anyone else’s.
But is it not the duty of a man,
To make sure they don’t invade mine; the privacy.

The goal of technological advances,
Was to make us more communicable.
But is this communication making any progress?
Or is it just forcing us into diversions?

What this communication is,
Nothing but utterances and blabber.
Diving in the sea of whinging and cryings,
I forgot to care for the one I love most; myself.

Man yelling after intrusion of privacy on call
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