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Simple Understanding Of The Complex Universe Part-7

In the last article, we have understood the concept of a black hole, and it’s applications. In this article, let us know the idea of wormholes.

Wormhole: In simple terms, a wormhole is like a tube connecting two places in space. By travelling through the wormhole, you could travel large distances across space exceptionally faster.

As of now, wormholes are a theoretical concept. If a wormhole is created, you can theoretically travel faster than the speed of light from one point to another in the universe. According to the math, wormholes are very unstable and collapse immediately once they are formed. 

Let us try to understand the history of the wormholes.

Pictorial representation of wormhole.

History of wormholes: 

Wormholes were first theorized in 1916, While reviewing another physicist’s solution to the equations in Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity, Austrian physicist “Ludwig Flamm” realized another solution was possible. He described a “white hole,” a theoretical time reversal of a black hole. A space-time conduit could connect entrances to both black and white holes.

In 1935, “Einstein” and physicist “Nathan Rosen” used the theory of general relativity to develop on the idea, proposing the existence of “bridges” through space-time. These bridges connect two different points in space-time, theoretically creating a shortcut that could reduce travel time and distance. The shortcuts came to be called “Einstein-Rosen bridges”, or wormholes.

Theoretically, a wormhole can be created by creating two black holes opposite to each other. The black holes suck in all the horizons of each other and leave a tunnel to pass through. If a wormhole is ever to be formed, it must have a matter called “exotic matter.”

Exotic matter: These are hypothetical particles and states of matter that have “exotic” physical properties that would violate laws of physics, such as a particle having a negative mass.

Imagine a particle having a negative mass; it will move away from the direction where a force is applied. That is the reason even if a wormhole is created, it collapses as the force acts inwards very fast due to the negative mass effect. 

Applications of a wormhole:

  • Time travel is possible if we can create a wormhole. According to special relativity, time slows down when we approach the speed of light. But in a wormhole, we can travel faster than the speed of life. By this, the time stops, and we can travel through it. 
  • If we can create a wormhole, we can make the fastest mode of transport. As wormholes act like a tube of travel between two points, you can travel between them faster than the speed of light.
  • By reversing the properties of the wormhole, we can create a controlled black hole and study the properties of the same and uncover the secrets of the universe. 

Let us hope that the scientists can create a wormhole and can be used for the betterment of human life. 

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